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The stuff people throw out

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Jason James, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    We had our annaul council clean-up. Anyway a lot of "exchanging" or "thanx
    for that" goes on. There are even professional junk collectors and
    auction-junkies who look for saleable items,usually furniture...but to the
    point. I noticed people this year are tossing a lot of TVs out, a trend
    since cheap conventional TVs have become available for under $150 in some
    cases for a circa 48cm set.

    I struck it lucky, pile had a 48cm Sharp Linytron TV in a large cabinet
    (weighed a ton, despite being live chasiss) and a Sharp stereo VCR with aux
    inputs for mikes and a level led bar meter. Got the 'prizes' home and they
    both work.

    OK the TV was sagging a bit in the colour department, but it has no other
    probs. I think what happened was the previous owner probably bought a UHF
    only set, and the VCR being VHF out only, was nigh-near useless.


  2. Those are great aren't they... And those little skips they
    put in the street for people to dump stuff in sometimes
    are good too. Found a digital am/ fm tuner in one a few
    years back and the bloody thing worked.

    Why chuck stuff like that out?
  3. We are having that in our area this week too, one every 6 months.
    CRT Monitors and TVs are all the rage, literally every 2nd or 3rd house
    has a monitor or TV out the front. Big plamsa TV boxes are popular too,
    almost to the point that it's a status symbol to proudy display the box
    for your new TV out the front!

    We had two people drive down our very private cul-de-sac (which
    normally gets zero traffic) canvassing the junk. Looks like they go
    street by street searching.

    I tried to get a monitor last clean-up day, but by the time I went 100m
    down the road to turn around and come back, someone had already stopped
    and nabbed it!

    Dave :)
  4. Yeah, would it not be nice if people left a live 240V extension cord draped
    on the fence just so you can "check out" the working and non-working
    appliances before dragging them off?

    However on another note - we live in a throw away society. As has been
    affirmed here, a lot of what we throw away isn't broken - just out of date
    or a bit old. Don't you just love the idiots who leave those big boxes the
    plasma and LCD TVs come in? Almost as good as advertising to would be
    thieves - make sure there are at least 2 of you and bring a suitable vehicle
    to pick up the 50" HD Pioneer plasma we just got last week. And some people
    wonder why their homes get done over.......

  5. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    That'd take the surprise out of it...!

    One guy knocked on my door to ask if he could nab the old 25mJ lpg heater
    I'd put out,..he wanted the igniter out of it. I actually went looking for
    the striker to give to him as I had removed it,..he'd gone tho and taken the
    heater anyway.

    They take virtually anything,..old tires, rolls of above ground pool sheet
    metal rusted at the bottom etc

  6. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    It's not the latest unit. Some people have to have the latest.

  7. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    Handbrake turns come in handy..

  8. S Roby

    S Roby Guest

    Problem is in my area guys go around a SMASH the monitors/tv's open, then
    smash the end off the tube to remove the (yoke?) coils for the copper.
    Leaves one hell of a mess.
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