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The silly things people do

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Kissing Lettuce, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Had nieces burner on my desk she says it won't play
    DVD any more and makes a funny noise.

    Opened up the case and found a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk
    jammed inside the mechanism.........

    She can't explain how or why it got there.

    Anyone else have any other examples of silliness
  2. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Guest

    Had a customer complaining that their laser printer was leaving a repeating
    funny mark on every page, insisted on getting it replaced under warranty -
    opened it up and there was a very flat cooked frog embedded into the fuser
    roller. They still refused to pay for the repair and insisted the printer be
    replaced under warranty - ended up going to small claims court where the
    magistrate pretty much laughed them out.

    Then there was a few years ago when we had a mouse plague in the area.
    Customer had an old Amstrad PC that they couldn't replace with something
    better because it ran some very specific software that was locked to the
    machine and the software vendor was no longer in business. The machine
    stopped working - I found a mouse had been inside and piddled and crapped
    all over the mainboard. A thorough clean, and a few bridges made with fine
    wire got it running again. Customer got it back, and decided that in order
    to prevent it happening again, they put gaffa tape over all holes on the
    back of the machine big enough for a mouse to climb through, such as the gap
    around the keyboard connector, and some of the vent holes. A week or so
    later it stopped working again and they called me out. Well the tape turned
    out to be an impenetrable barrier to the mice, only trouble was more than a
    dozen were already inside the machine before they taped it up. Most of these
    mice had died inside the machine, and their decomposing juices had again
    caused corrosion/shorts etc on the mainboard. A thorough clean, a few more
    bridges soldered on, and a VERY large service bill, and the machine was
    again working.
  3. Mark jb

    Mark jb Guest

    Best one I've heard about was a young female who took a flatbed scanner in
    for repair. When asked how it happened, she admitted she sat on it to send a
    photo of her nether regions over the Internet.

    You gotta wonder.

  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Mark jb"

    ** Yeah - I would have asked for a demo of the incident.

    ......... Phil ;-)
  5. Ryan Hayward

    Ryan Hayward Guest

    There should be a newsgroup for this kind of thing :)
  6. leftred

    leftred Guest

    try alt.bullshit

  7. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest

    Ask any copier tech about how many glass platens they replace
    after the Christmas-New Year period, my favourite was the
    drunken flying instructor who tried to photocopy his arse
    only to forget it was a copier with a moving platen: he
    overbalanced and tipped the copier off the table to smash on
    the ground!.

  8. And we all know why Phil. It would be the closest you'd ever get to the
    real thing.

    How's that Madonna song go again? " Like a virgin.........." Isn't it your
    theme song?
  9. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I had a customer call to complain that she couldn't get her new CB
    radio to display any channel other than 88. While she was describing
    the problem she realised her own mistake - she had not removed the
    display's protective sticker.

    A friend asked me to find out why her new printer was not printing. It
    turned out that she hadn't realised it required a data cable. Her
    husband had his car towed to a garage after he heard noises coming
    from the rear. The mechanic diagnosed a flat tyre.

    I once had to replace a computer CDROM drive after the owner had
    inserted the D-shaped power cable the wrong way. It takes a lot of
    force to do that.

    - Franc Zabkar
  10. Mike Warren

    Mike Warren Guest

    Yeah, Unidens. I've had that several times.

  11. Ryan Hayward

    Ryan Hayward Guest

    Urban legends are great, arn't they ?
    I know most of these stories are probably true but still good enough to
    write a book about !

    Recommended Reading - Too Good To Be True ( The Colossal Book of Urban
    Legends ) by Jan Harold Brunvand
  12. I had a Double adapter/power cable for a CD Rom/5 1/4" drive which swapped
    the 12V rail with the 5V rail - Fried 2 CD roms before I took a closer look
  13. crazy frog

    crazy frog Guest

    i used to do vcr repair year's ago.

    one came in the owner that had
    a miss hap with a glass of bear
    that fal into the vcr and tried to
    dry it out in a microwave oven.
    another came in, thay sed thay used
    wd40 in it to free it up.
  14. T.T.

    T.T. Guest

    Many years ago I came across a TV that was a little too far from the wall
    socket, so hubby had fixed it. He replaced the plug on the TV power cord
    with a socket, and made up an extension cord with a plug at each end.
  15. Old Grump

    Old Grump Guest

    In that instance it was a bit silly not to have just used an extension cord
    on the original plug/cord from the TV but your story reminded me of a
    similar use for doing same... When I was a kid I was part of a larger family
    and our only form of heating at the time was a 3 bar electric heater.

    Mum was paranoid about one of the kids toppling over the heater one day and
    setting the house alight while an adult wasn't around or still asleep. Of
    course we often rose with the sun to watch the cartoons or such on TV while
    our parents were still asleep and often plugged the heater on ourselves
    despite not being aloud to. This went on and on until she nagged DAD into
    coming up with a solution bar throwing out the heater altogether.

    The solution of course was to remove the plug from the heater and fit a
    female socket to prevent being able to plug the heater in to a power point
    directly without a short lead that had a male plug on both ends. The adaptor
    lead was always locked away while an adult wasn't present or with my parents
    while they slept. My mother is still obsessed about electricity and heaters
    etc and always turns off and unplugs every electrical appliance (bar the
    fridge) before leaving home to shop etc and she seldom ever uses a heater
    anyway preferring to wear more clothes or sit under a blanket with a hot
    water bottle. Bit weird is my mum ;-)
  16. Ryan Hayward

    Ryan Hayward Guest

    anxiety disorder.
    I have one of those but different to your mum's.
  17. Back in the 80's i worked for a company in abbotsford
    They had service contracts on all sorts of muck including those old word
    proccesor/typewriters with a floppy drive, we had multiple callouts
    from one customers site for data loss.
    the units would never fail in the workshop thou, eventually we found out
    they were sticking the disks to the fridge with a bleeping magnet

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