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The Secret History of Silicon Valley

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Guest

    Nice informational video.

  2. notbob

    notbob Guest

    I may watch it, but if ppl think SV actually still exists, they're
    sadly mistaken.
    Sure, Apple and Google and a couple other biggies remain, but the
    heyday of SV died by the late 90s. I worked there almost 20 yrs and
    the last time I was down in its heart, it was a total ghost town. No
    mfg, no support businesses, not even any traffic!! There are huge
    abandoned campuses that have never ever had a tenet. So sad.

  3. miso

    miso Guest

    I assume you are joking.

    My recollection was the building Atari built and never occupied was
    empty until Loral took it over years later. The same is true for the
    Adobe building in San Jose.

    Empty space going unoccupied isn't nearly the disaster one thinks it it.
    The firms that own the buildings erect new ones often on spec and
    especially in down times. Labor and materials are cheaper when the
    economy sucks. They are making the bet that there will be demand in the
    future. In the mean time, they write off the expense of the new building
    against the profits of existing buildings. Carl Berg is probably the
    most famous person in the valley for doing this. For reasons not 100% clear, quite a few companies have built their own
    buildings of late rather than occupy existing ones. The cheap leases are
    in Sunnyvale these days, but they are not very big, so for a large
    company, the workforce would be spread out. Broadcom just built (or had
    built for them and leased) a huge building out by 237.
  4. miso

    miso Guest

    It is worth watching. The CIA was been in Palo Alto for years based on
    old documents. The big dish was well known for sniffing Soviet radar.

    Some of James Bamford's NSA books go into the bay area relationship to
    SIGINT/ELINT. Two Rock Ranch in Petaluma was a SIGINT facility back in
    the day.

    Sylvania had a big pressurized inflatable building by Central
    Expressway. It looked like an elongated pumpkin. There are so many
    stories as to what was under the dome that I have no idea which was true.
  5. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

    "Tenet" might be the best mispelling ever.
  6. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

    miso wrote: Complex
  7. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    Maybe he was referring to a former CIA Director ;-)
  8. notbob

    notbob Guest

    DOH! ...and too true!, not necessarily in that order.

    Last night, I don't know. This morning, when I read a7's post, it
    still went over my head. Yer post finally opened the blinds. All I
    can say is: Senior moment and pre-coffee, in that order. ;)

  9. miso

    miso Guest

    I forgot to mention SR-71 != A-12.
  10. miso

    miso Guest

    If you ever get to Palmdale, they have an A-12 engine on display at the
    Blackbird Airpark (or whatever they renamed it). It is an amazing mess
    of plumbing.

    Not mentioned in the video is the MIT radiation labs was actually
    tweaking designs from Britain. The Brits had better technology, but it
    seems the British were having difficulty perfecting their radar with all
    those attacks from Germany disturbing their concentration. They named it
    "radiation" lab rather than radar lab since people even back then kept
    their distance from radiation. It wasn't a bad cover story since
    Berkeley had a real rad lab at the time.

    It would be interesting to see some stats on which country has the most
    engineers working on radar. An large number of engineers I've met from
    Taiwan were doing radar when they worked on the island. Given the
    proximity to China, I would say radar is a priority for Taiwan.
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