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The Science of Color, the Emission Spectra of the Elements and Some Lamp Engineering Applications

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Ioannis, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Ioannis

    Ioannis Guest

    First, please excuse the crosspost, but I believe many parties could
    be interested in this.

    For those interested in lighting engineering, architecture, lamps,
    color and spectroscopy: In this
    project I use the spectral distribution data of the elements from
    NIST, I
    simulate the emission spectra of some typical lamps and finally derive
    interesting conclusions about some lighting engineering applications
    which use
    these lamps. The conclusions are reached entirely theoretically and in
    comply with commercial/consumer trends. All the schematics and
    (including the spectra themselves) are generated automatically by

    I have also simulated all the known emission spectra of the elements
    and have
    calculated the corresponding Photoshop RGB hues, which I display on
    the middle
    column in the tables.

    Beware that the page is large. Total load, html and graphics: 3.5MB.
    If you are
    on a dialup connection it will take a long time to load. Also, as
    and additions come in, I will be updating it, so keep a lookout on the
    date on

  2. ++

    ++ Guest

    Fancy meeting you here, Gallidakis,

    How y'all been? How's Athens. I am reading you in the alt. architecture
    newsgroup. Re: full spectrum (one hope) whatever, heavy download, why
    not put the stuff up in low graphics form (perhaps click on graphics) so
    people can read the pages without the download headache.

    G, sci.astro, sci.chem, sci.techniques, sci.engr.analysis
    deleted as excessive crossposting
  3. Bill Ward

    Bill Ward Guest

    Thank you! Very nice stuff. It's out of my field, but I'm going to enjoy
    learning from it.
  4. Andy Resnick

    Andy Resnick Guest

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