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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. There is a new Speaker of the House.
  2. There is a new Speaker of the House.

    We have taken back our country from the grip of the criminals who've been destroying it. I'm sure Leuck will be pleased. :^)
  3. Dell

    Dell Guest

    down to replying to your own posts?

    your fearless leader just said she will be pleased to receive the cap on
    noon Tv press conference. [she should have said gavel] maybe the foil cap
    from belguim to keep out the Rove mind control waves?
  4. Eau contraire, mon ami. Only one day.
    I'd be happy with oh..., a 30-year reign.

  5. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    He's the only person left who can stand himself :)
  6. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    Correction: The American people were and still do belong to tribes. It is
    the decendants of the legal immigrants that also have a chance to vote
    because we do live in a democracy. I believe Graham was quoting from a
    popular TV show "Survivor" which the tribe's decission is cast in a
    democratic way. An individual vote by each tribe member. :eek:]
  7. Correction: The American people were and still do belong to tribes. It is
    I don't watch Survivor. I saw part of one episode, found it incredibly
    boring and switched channels. In any case, the last Republican holdout
    accepted defeat today so the matter is now settled. Both houses are now in
    the control of Democrats. Unlike the Republican victory years ago, the
    Democrats immediately reached across the aisle, promising to include
    Republicans in every committee. Basically, the Democratic Party wants to
    follow a policy of inclusion and cooperation. Hopefully, this will lead to
    better government as both parties work together to overcome six years of
    Bush's king-like reign.

    The dismissal of Rumsfeld (anyone who believes he went voluntarily is
    mistaken) proves that even Dubya can learn. If he also learns to cooperate
    with the Democratic congress, we'll be able to undo some of the damage of
    the last six years. If not, his stubbornness will only destroy the rest of
    his diminishing support so the Democrats win a trifecta in '08.


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    Online DIY Alarm & Automation Store
  8. Simply Gern

    Simply Gern Guest

    Yes, the commies, hippies, socialists, and baby butchers are now in
    You're in good company asshole!
    Hopefully the next terrorists attacks on this nation's soil will find
    your fat ass at ground zero!

    BTW, have you had your wife measured for her head bag yet?
  9. Simply Gern

    Simply Gern Guest

    You are correct - they did win fair and square. Not because the nation
    voted out the Republican assholes, but because the MAJORITY
    conservative base in this nation BOOTED T HEIR ASSES OUT THE DOOR!
    I say good for them and as a side benefit, I will enjoy all the social
    parasites gaging on $5.00/gallon gas by this time next year when Boxer
    "reforms" and adds heaps of new "environmental" taxes and regulations
    to the nation's "poor" slobs and the crack whore demcorat voters in
    their ranks.

  10. Simply Gern

    Simply Gern Guest

    Hey bASS, why do you have to hide behind another e-mail account to
    post your tripe here?
    What are you afraid of?
    Why do you have to hide?
    Are you afraid that someone (me) has linked your anti-American
    socialist shit here to your web site - - thus
    your business?
    Hey, isn't Usenet archiving neat?

    Why do demcorats call themselves "progressives" rather than the
    liberal socialists they really are?
    Why do they have to hide?
    What are YOU and them ashamed of?

    Progressive is nothing more than a new coat of lipstick on the same
    old failed socialist pig.

  11. Simply Gern

    Simply Gern Guest

    Cool! More linkage:
  12. They took it over from the outed gay child molesters.
  13. Hey bASS, why do you have to hide...

    Including my sig line can hardly be called hiding.
    And how many different aliases does this make it for you?
    Oh, my goodness! You've *linked* my comments to one of my websites!?!?!
    How dastardly. Whatever will I do? ROFL
    I never call myself "progressive". Unlike you, I consider the term Liberal
    a compliment.
  14. Yup
  15. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Exactly which is why you see democrats moving to the right to get elected
    and republicans going bye bye when they move to the left
  16. Explain Rick Santorum?
    Republicans get booted out when they start focusing on shit that has no
    business being discussed in federal legislative halls.
    Dems get elected in protest.
    Now doesn't that tell you the country wants CONSERVATIVE leaders?
    Closest party we have to true conservative ideals is the Libertarians
    yet they get zip for coverage. The last viable conservative party was
    the Bull Moose. Conservatives have been elected since, but very watered
    down versions of the original beliefs.
    You really believe the two party system is affective?
    We don't accept that shit from telephone providers but we should open
    our arms to it when it involves governing the country? We can break up
    Ma Bell but we can't get rid of Ted Kennedy.
  17. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    There are exceptions and Rick was in a very blue state
    No question and thats what I was saying, Republicans forgot why they got
    power in 1994 and it caught up with them
    They get zip for coverage because they can't get anyone to vote for them and
    they never win anything
    A lot of good that did, it split the Republican party and allowed Wilson to
    be elected
    Yes, if you want to see what a 3,4 or 5 party is like go to Italy, its a
    Ted can take a dump on his supporters and he'll get re-elected, blame Mass.
    voters for that.
  18. You need to try standup

  19. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Funny stuff.

    You ought to get to know Tom better.


  20. So instead of billing us in alphabetical order you chose to list the
    one with the biggest penis first.
    Poor Roland had no chance.
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