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The Raspberry Pi is Very Cool

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by sms88, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. sms88

    sms88 Guest

    Got the Raspberry Pi yesterday. Today I got the Linux image onto the SD
    card using Win32DiskImager which was a piece of cake. Plugged in a USB
    keyboard & mouse, and a $3 800 mA 5V power supply and hooked it to an
    HDMI TV. Booted right up.

    I think the down side is that it supports only composite video and HDMI
    so you can't use a cheap, spare, VGA monitor. I bought a 15" TV with an
    HDMI port at Fry's for $69 when it was on sale last week
    <> and one advantage of
    using an HDMI TV is that audio is also sent over the HDMI interface so
    that's one less cable to deal with as well as no need for separate speakers.
  2. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Le 11/08/2012 02:59, sms88 a écrit :
    You could also use a HDMI <=> DVI cable.
    I find the Raspberry very well, but
    It's slooooow ( especialy if you use the graphical screen )
    It lack many things like
    when using Debian, you can't redirect the display onto another computer,
    when using Fedora, it contains all the bugs known and more that Fedora has.
    When using raspian, it lakc many drivers for camera BTW.
    But I will use it in a progect tha I have where it will be very useful.

  3. SMS

    SMS Guest

    That's the key thing, there are certain projects where the speed doesn't
    matter but where it's practical to have an OS like Linux running rather
    than using an embedded OS or no OS. I've only tried Wheezy so far.

    The $35 price point is pretty good, though there's really no reason it
    should cost that much in mass production since there's only about $8
    worth of components on it. $25 would be more reasonable.
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