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the power of numbers

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Mickey, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Mickey

    Mickey Guest

    Hi every1,

    i have been looking for a way to make huge amount of cash through the

    and i must say i have seen alot of junk out there and i even spent my

    on alot of junk!! examples-i have bought e-books that tought me almost

    i have joined the pay per click program,surveys and after clicking my
    life out i earned 48 cents,

    that just drove me mad so i tought to myself how many times will i
    have to click to earn

    a decent income?, i have created blogs and almost killed myself trying
    to bring traffic

    to the blog and after wasting my time and hope i realised that the
    only way to bring

    good traffic to the blog is to buy the traffic and that i could not

    i must tell u 1 thing i don't believe in money falling from the sky
    but however i do believe in


    just imagine 5,000 people sent you 1 dollar! that would make a
    significant income right?

    well there is a way you can make this happen! All you have to do is
    follow my lead

    STEP01 Open an e-gold account at

    STEP02 Fund that account with say 20 dollars

    Step03 Send 2 dollars to each of these accounts i will list bellow
    with your own account at number six

    Step04 Send this messege to as many people as possible
    Friends,Chatrooms,Forums and any place where you know
    alot of people view

    this is the power of numbers!
    think about how u spend $10 every day and think of how you can spend
    it and get huge profits
    i must tell you now its not a scam!
    by doing this we both benefit from each other
    PLZ keep this honest at least we normal people have a chance too
    now,to make good income and not only gurus!!!!!!!!!
    who sell us e-books and tell us all sorts of junk!!
    only a try will make you see how profitable this is!

    this are the E-gold account numbers-

    #1. 5358194
    #2. 5366025
    #3. 5358288
    #4. 4772152
    #5. 5462495
    #6. your account number

    IF u need any help plz contact me at my yahoo im- Shady_2Death
    Think about it what do u have to loose?
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