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The Pioneer Effect and the Unified Field Theory

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by bkh99, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. bkh99

    bkh99 Guest

    The two Pioneer spacecraft which were launched in the early

    have both been decelerating at a constant speed as they rise in the

    sun's gravitational field (the rate of constant deceleration is

    equivalent to the speed of light multiplied by Hubble's Constant).

    is obvious that such a correspondance could not be attributed to

    causes, such as gas leaks, but rather new physics are required.

    The behavior of objects that fall or rise in gravitational fields are

    inversely related, in that a falling object begins slow and then

    accelerates, while a rising object begins fast and then decelerates.

    An example of the latter is the release of a weather balloon which

    attempts to rise at full velocity but is prevented from doing so by

    atmospheric drag. The weather balloon then decelerates at is rises

    the gravitational field until finally it stops and then parks in an

    orbital state at a certain height. This behavior is similar to that

    exhibited by the Pioneer craft.

    Think of the total potential velocity of the Pioneer Spacecraft as

    being somewhere just below the speed of light. When an object is

    'conserving momentum' as it rises in a gravitational field and the

    result is deceleration and a loss of velocity, this means that the

    object would require 'more momentum' if it was to maintain its

    velocity. When an object which is rising in a gravitational field

    is 'conserving momentum' and it decelerates and then loses velocity

    what this implies is that at the same time its total potential

    is increasing. Here we can see the reason for the relationship

    Hubble's Constant (used to measure redshift) and the rate of

    deceleration of an object rising in a gravitational field. Einstein

    was incorrect to insist that speed of light is a fixed constant in

    frames of reference (any space-time) but it must be the case that the

    speed of light is relative (space dilation, time dilation, and

    dilation all occur in harmoney). It is this error that prevented

    Einstein from successfully discovering the Unified Field Theory which

    would unify gravity and electromagnetism during his lifetime.

    The solution to this enigma of 'conserved momentum' resulting in

    'deceleration' is to understand that everything is relative, and that

    includes 'momentum' since one given 'momentum' results in a lower or

    higher velocity in different frames (with no exchange of energy

    place an object will acelerate and fall or decelerate and rise).

    The explanation for this behavior is found in a proper

    explanation of Archimedes principle. The universe is a giant energy

    field and what we call 'space' is a three dimensional creation of the

    magnetic field (which is a three dimensional pheonomenon). 'Space'

    dilates according to the Inverse Square Law (the energy field is more

    dense closer to a source and then becomes less and less dense the

    further away you move from the source). Given these inherent density

    restrictions you can only put so much 'energy' into 'so much space'

    where this restriction is violated displacement occurs. It is this

    tight binding that exists between 'energy' and 'space' which then

    results in 'motion' and 'velocity'.

    Another mistake that Einstein made was to dilate space (stretch it

    closer to the field source. This dilation was required if there was

    be a slower clock in a gravitational field while at the same time the

    speed of light was to be kept an invariant constant. It is only when

    we dilate space-energy (make it less dense) the further we move from

    the source and allow the speed of light to be a variable constant

    (relative) that we are then able to discover the unified field theory

    (unifying gravitation and electromagnetism). Motion is simply

    displacement (an unallowable energy state) and what we think of as

    momentum is merely a density function (the greater the density of the

    energy in a closed energy system, the more forceful the displacement,

    the greater the velocity).

    Think of a weather balloon. It expands at it rises. It also

    decelerates and eventually parks and maintains an oribt. What this

    tells us is that even though no energy transfer is taking place, the

    weather balloon is not 'conserving its momentum', but rather it must

    losing momentum because it decelerates as it rises in the

    field. We also see that the weather balloon experiences the effects

    dilation in that it expands. We also know that 'hot gas' expands,

    which is also a density function, and that hot gas then rises in the

    gravitational field (it is to dense, it is displaced, it rises). Now

    as an object rises it experiences a relative loss of momentum

    in that this loss of momentum occurs without an actual transfer of

    energy taking place). This occurs because of relativistic spatial

    dilation which becomes greater the further you move away from the

    center of the field. This dilation then results in a lower density

    since the amount of energy now contained in an expanding space is

    lower. The displacement decreases and the result is less momentum


    In a similar way when an electromagnetic wave rises in a

    field it red-shifts. It does not red-shift because it is 'losing

    energy' to the gravitational field. This was another one of the

    compounding errors made by Albert Einstein (the result of keeping the

    speed of light a fixed constant). The light red-shifts because it is

    following the requirements of the Inverse Square Law. It is becoming

    'less energetic' so that it has a lower frequency and a longer

    wavelength. At the same time the law of the conservation of energy

    requires that energy never be lost or created, it can only be

    transferred. In this case the energy is 'transfered' to 'momentum'

    teh speed of light increases as it red-shifts. There is nothing

    mystical or magical about this process, it is just the logically

    following consequence of the light being forced to dilate as it moves

    into less dense regions of the energy field.

    Even though the speed of light is a variable constant, it makes no

    difference, for the average speed of light between two points always

    works out to be 300,000 kilometers per second, so no one notices the

    variance. Think of it this way. Let's assume that the speed of

    was '10'. The speed of light as it bounces off some satellite in

    is 5, 10, 15 as it rises and then it is 15, 10, 5 as it descends back

    to earth, for an average speed of '10', Therefore even though the

    speed of light is relative, the light from an object '4 light years'

    away from earth would still seem to take '4 years' to reach us, and

    no difference is ever noticed by any observer in any frame of

    you might want to choose.

    More discussion of this issue can be found at the following URL.

    Or as an 'e-book' in the form of a zip file.

    Some satirical discussion of 'lighter than air balloons' and

    matter based theory of gravity can be found here.

    A proposed experiment to test the predictions of the Unified Field

    Theory can be found on the following page.
  2. Bob Masta

    Bob Masta Guest

    Huh? Wherever did you get the idea that the Hubble constant has
    anything whatsoever to do with solar gravitation?

    Bob Masta

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    Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
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