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The Perfect Hydrogen Vacation

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by David Williams, May 22, 2007.

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  1. -> What's the secret? It's hydrogen gas, extracted from those six gallons
    -> of water by plasmatic induction, and fed to the motor as a gas to
    -> power the engine. When hydrogen burns, it gives off water, which is
    -> fed back to that six gallons; the only thing coming out the tailpipe
    -> is hot air. It's all perfectly safe: you'll never re-create the
    -> Hindenburg disaster in the car. I know, water in the gas tank, it's
    -> been done before but stay with me here...

    Huh? What's "plasmatic induction"???!!! Of course, it's absolutely true
    that cars can run on hydrogen, burned either in fuel cells or in more
    conventional combustion engines. And it's also true that the water
    vapour that is produced by this burning can be condensed and put back
    into the reservoir of water from which the hydrogen was made. But what
    is NOT true is that hydrogen can be extracted from water without a
    large input of energy from some other source - usually electricity.
    Energy has to be supplied from somewhere else to keep the cycle going,
    and this input of energy is what powers the car.

    "Plasmatic induction" is just bafflegab.

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