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The New Science

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Phil Allison, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    Hi to all,

    this week in my travels around that open sewer known euphemistically
    as "Usenet" I have been informed in no uncertain terms that the laws of
    nature are not as I had been taught, experienced or long presumed.

    Here a few examples.

    1. Air is non linear. Yep - the good old air we breathe creates sum and
    difference intermodulation products if two or more frequencies are present.
    This "fact" is used by pipe organists to produce extra low and high notes
    beyond the range of their instruments - but strangely by no-body else.
    How mysterious.

    2. That third harmonic distortion in an amp sounds "discordant" since
    three times the frequency of a given note in the musical scale does not sit
    exactly on top of another higher note - but is about 0.5 % to 0.1% out.
    The fact that real instruments produce third and other odd harmonics that do
    not comply with the tempered musical scale is an issue the authorities have
    yet to catch up with.

    3. That room reverberation creates all manner of strange harmonic
    frequencies - due to the aforesaid non-linearity of the air. The non
    linearity of solid walls is involved too it seems.

    4. That valve push-pull amplifiers are called "class B" and not "class AB"
    although the valves idle at between 5 and 12 watts dissipation. This is
    under the never before published idle dissipation limit for class AB

    5. That the code letters "A" and "B" when seen on a pot have no definable
    meaning - since no agreed standard exists. Also few if any pots have such
    codes on them. I must be seeing flukish arrangements of fly spots it seems.

    6. One must NEVER connect the black or negative speaker terminals of any
    audio power amplifier together - or very bad things will happen including
    oscillations, distortion and damage. Also that such terminals are never
    grounds or PSU zero points. This has to be true since it came from a
    professional electronics engineer and amp designer.

    7. That using a common wire to connect the ground returns of two speakers
    to the output channels of a stereo amp will cause intermodulation
    istortion - in a similar way to the air as mentioned above. So now coper
    wire is non-linear too. Is nothing sacred ??

    Now, dear readers, I know all the above "science" is **true** because
    the folk who explained it to me assured me they were well qualified experts.
    They used examples from their own experience to PROVE it too - how can you
    deny that ??

    Maybe I should put together a text book of these new scientific
    principles - so different to all the old ones that were once so dear to my
    heart - do you reckon it would sell ??

    In what section of a bookshop ????

    ............. Phil
  2. the swan

    the swan Guest

    If you credit each piece of wisdom with the author's full details - I am
    sure each of the authors would buy a copy ...
    How about in the occult section, right next to other authoritive works
    such as "Harmonic 695: The UFO and Anti-Gravity". Mind boggling.
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