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The Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by electrode1900, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. i recently purchased a cheap Compaq Armada 7730MT laptop, realized
    it's nothin but a compact electronics goldmine, and found that the lcd
    is a Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA. it is colour, SVGA, and it features about
    a .3 or less dot pitch. n e way, i dloaded (thankfully!) the datasheet
    for it, but because of my lacking in electrical engineering skills at
    my age, i need assistance finding an affordable way of testing this
    doohickey! now, i did see an interface for this kinda thing, but one
    must order it from somewhere in Europe, and it CERTAINLY ain't gonna
    be cheap!!! i DO know of some parallel port interfaces one may use
    when interfacing with an alphaneumeric HD44780 chip-based LCD. how
    does one interface a digital 6 bit RGB based matrix LCD? if it'll
    help, the screen is SVGA TFT. i can email someone the datasheet if it
    is needed. oh, and before i forget, i purchased an old Toshiba T1600,
    parts only, and found that i've also got a TLX-1401-G3B LCD (mono). it
    is based on the MB654824 controller, i believe. thanx in advance.

    -HL Man
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