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The Grid.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by CoreyWhite, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. CoreyWhite

    CoreyWhite Guest

    Things are changing so fast, and it is hard for us tech people to even
    keep up with them. But the billion dollar corporations know things
    are changing fast too, and they are trying to find ways to keep better
    tabs on them and keep tighter regulations and controls on everyday
    people like you and me.

    In 1960 the biggest problem with corporations was happening with the
    industrial revolution and the science of chemistry. Companies began
    putting high levels of chloronated hydrocarbons on everything, and
    even in our foods. Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is what we
    call them today, and they go beyond the chemicals used in insecticides
    and herbicides. They are hormone disrupting agents, and change our
    endocryn systems. You may have heard of this problem recently when
    you may have read that mercury in vaccines given to children can lead
    to autism. Well the level of other pollutants in the human body is
    already high enough to do this without mercury, and studies have
    proven it can happen at extremely low thresholds in animals. Birds
    begin singing the wrong songs, and humans will become mentally

    Persistent organic pollutants bioacumulate in the food suply, and are
    magnifide. When insecticide is sprayed on vegtables, animals eat them
    and the level of DDT (or whatever is in the insecticide) increases in
    the animals tissue, and remains there permanetly being stored in the
    fat tissue. Then when humans eat the animals meat or drink the
    animals milk the level of DDT we take in is 10x greater than the level
    the animal was getting eating the vegtables. Washing your vegtables
    isn't going to get the chemicals off of them either. The only way to
    remove them is to skin the outer layer of vegtables and remove the
    leaves. The inside of the vegtable is still usually fine.

    The government believes there is a threshold that is safe for humans,
    and has had this policy for some time. After the book "Silent Spring"
    was writen in the 1950's, president Kenedy put legeslation into place
    to prevent corporations and the governments agroculture department to
    use insecticides and herbacides like they were harmless. They sprayed
    entire cities like downtown Chicago with insecticide, so much it
    looked like it was snowing. The planes flying over the air dropping
    the chemicals on women and children, were trying to do away with
    insects that were causing diseases in the cities forests and trees.
    But the spraying polluted the soil, and the ground water, and killed
    many animals, and people. And caused all of the birds in the city to
    stop being able to reproduce, as well as lead to many retarded and
    deformed children being born.

    Well our generation faces a different problem. And that problem is
    the Grid that enters all of our homes.

    We have Cable TV, Phone Service, & High Speed Internet. And all of
    the services can be owned by a single company. I pay Time Warner
    cable only $120 a month for all of my service, and I get free long
    distance, hbo & showtime movie channels, and road runner high speed
    internet. I was paying the same ammount before I switched to the
    company. But Road Runner is owned by Vice President Dick Chaney's
    lesbian daughter, who also owns AOL.

    What the Bush adminsitration doesn't want you to know is that Time
    Warner is a government ownd company that is a tool of the department
    of home land security. Because the government secretly bought a stake
    of the company and owns the lines all of our information travels on,
    and can even employ actual members of the department of home land
    security, they don't have to even get warents to search our homes or
    to tap our lines. Because their company owns the lines, and checking
    out what we are doing with them is just part of quality assurance.

    At any time time warner cable can send voltage spikes through our
    lines and zap our equipment, our computers, our televisions, or even
    our microwaves with voltage spikes. It is easy for them to do this,
    because all they have to do is come and do a little work on your line
    and then they just have to tamper with the connections grounding.
    Electrical grounding is the most important part of any electrical
    application, and people don't understand what it is used for.

    When doing really important technical work, in studios where they work
    with computers, and audio/video equipment. They install their own
    grounding equipment just to increase the quality of the signals. To
    explain grounding you just have to imagine two people playing
    telephone with tin cans. If you don't hold the tin cans tight enough
    then the string between the tin can is very loose.

    Well that string represents the electrical currents and voltage
    running through the line. If the people are using the can, the string
    can move every with way, and even swing around in wild untamed
    circles. But if they were to ground the connection, and permanetly
    tie the tin cans into place on to the sides of the buildings, and
    measure the length of the string. Then the connection would be tight,
    and the machine would function to transmit information accross the
    string in between the two cans.

    This is exactly how electricity works, because without correct
    grounding in the lines, you get voltage spikes and irregular
    electrical signals coming in through all of your cables. It is just
    the way it works. And it reduces the signal quality of whatever
    reception you are getting. The damage doesn't always happen
    overnight, and even with correct grounding your machines can begin to
    start losing some of their quality. That's why people buy high-end
    expensive surge protectors. The little power strip you have your
    computer plugged into now isn't actually a surge protector.

    The voltage changes over all of our lines so much that people in
    europe are actually using broad band connections over power lines, and
    they have completely done away with the meter man. They transmit
    power to their homes and offices simotaneously while they use voltage
    irregularities controlled by digital spikes to transmit high speed
    data. And if the power company needs to check how much energy you are
    using, all they have to do is send you a little ping through the power

    Time warner is part of the department of home land security and has
    installed a back door into all of our homes. They just have to send
    us some voltage spikes, and ruin our equipment. And after that they
    can send someone in to fix the problem. They come into our house,
    make us pay for the damages, and all the while can sniff all of the
    traffic we are working with over our phones, internet, and cable.
    They have more power than the power companies themselves! And they
    don't have the same regulations.

    When the cable guy came over to my house, he didn't even ground the
    cable after he did the work, because he didn't understand why
    grounding was important. And he blew up my $1000 high definition flat
    screen LCD television. So at least now I realize the importance of
    good grounding and surge protectors, because I didn't even know it was
    an issue before now. Even when I made little electrical gizmos, I
    never woried about grounding the machine. I just didn't get why it
    was important. And they don't really explain it in school. Except to
    tell us it protects from lightning strikes.

    anything else you want to last for years and years!!!!!
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    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
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  3. PerfectReign

    PerfectReign Guest

    Will they get in the way of my tin foil hat?
  4. kT

    kT Guest

    Only if your aluminum foil hat isn't grounded. If you've been walking
    around all this time with an ungrounded aluminum foil hat, then your
    brain is already fried, and the aluminum foil hat isn't going to help.

    If you used tin instead of aluminum, you're fucked. Didn't you read the
    instructions? Let me guess, you didn't read the instructions, did you.

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  5. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al Guest

    CoreyWhite wrote:

    Plug your goodies into high-rated isolation boxes. Lightning is an
    equal opportunity destroyer.
  6. CoreyWhite

    CoreyWhite Guest

    I was just outside to check the cabling around my house, and found
    these small underground gutters, that collected rain, and piped them
    into a basement I didn't even know I had in my house through something
    that looked like an air vent. I've never heard of these before. But
    in one of the gutters there was a buried GI Joe Leg, underneath a very
    old bottle and a brick. I guess the previous kids had berried this GI
    Joe leg. And then in the other gutter around the corner, I found a
    ground pole actually dug into the earth. It had a screw joint with a
    coaxial cable plugged into it. And I traced the cable running along
    the yard a few feet, and then it was just cut. I didn't connect to
    anything. So it seems like someone had the balls to cut the ground
    cord connecting my cable TV years ago. And my guess is whoever did it
    had something going on with GI Joes, so was probably a kid. But I
    can't see a kid cutting that cable for any reason. It just isn't
    child like. Whoever did it understood what it was!
  7. CoreyWhite

    CoreyWhite Guest

    I got to the bottom of it. The cable used to come into the living
    room, and it was the only room in the house where we had it. It rand
    straight in behind the fire place. But I guess the fireplace didn't
    used to be there, and now there is just an old plug and a hole in the
    wall. But then the cable got ran around to different rooms in the
    house and in the process, the old ground cable got snipped. But I'm
    not sure why or how. I don't see anywhere where the ground cable
    would have connected to the newer cables except behind the fireplace.
    But that outlet looks like it is from the 70s.
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