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The first half megawatt

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Tom P, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Tom P

    Tom P Guest

    After exactly 8 weeks operation, our rooftop solar panel installation
    has just clocked up its first 500 kilowatt hours - a spectacular result
    for an installation in central Europe in winter.
    - 17x Schuco MPE 185 MS 05 Blackline panels,
    total collector area 21.7 m2
    - Diehl 4300 TL grid feed-in inverter
  2. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    21.7 square metres? Wow. That's almost as big as my south facing roof.

    Anyway, well done, Tom. That's almost 9 kWH per day. My average consumption
    is just under 8 kWH per day. Gas central heating helps keep the consumption
    down, of course.

    I'd love to know what you FIT is like. How long before you actually make a
  3. Giga2

    Giga2 Guest

    $600 each?

    One day probably cost $60 each.

    $10000 plus $1000 instalation? I pay less than $1000 a year for electricity,
    not bad at 10-15 year cash pay back AND it'll still be worth quite a lot at
    the end. It'll always mean a lot less bills for home ownwer. Say in ten
    years still be worth $5000 to new owner if the house were sold.
  4. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    £10,000 plus installation in the UK. And I pay less around £400 a year from
    the grid. I suppose I MIGHT live long enough to break even ... around 25
    years assuming 10% p.a. fuel inflation.
  5. Tom P

    Tom P Guest

    That is the approximate total installation cost.

    I pay less than $1000 a year for electricity,
    Quite apart from the revenue from the grid feed-in, it really becomes
    interesting as a business model thanks to the tax write-offs for
    depreciation and operational costs (ie insurance), and the VAT refund on
    the capital investment.
  6. It has already been spring for two of those
    eight weeks.

    In the summer you will produce more power than you
    can use, but in January not enough.

    I have about 3 m2 on the roof of my trailer. With LED light
    fixtures and gas heat and cooking it produces
    enough. After a few months of
    operation the inverter died. I had to remove it (big job)
    to repair it. When I repaired it, I found a design flaw
    in the inverter. It needs to draw about 100 amps to power
    the microwave, and the wires and connectors in the box
    are not big enough. The connectors melt and produce smoke.

    Solar panels are not zero maintenance. They gradually become
    covered with dust which reduces the efficiency. They need to
    be accessible for cleaning, and they need to be cleaned regularly.

    Solar power pays in some places but not others. A person needs
    to be aware of all the issues add things up carefully. Good
    luck with your project.
  7. Giga2

    Giga2 Guest

    Don't you need to take account of the residual value as well tho?
  8. Giga2

    Giga2 Guest

    So this is a business buying this? Interesting. That must make the figures
    even better.
  9. Giga2

    Giga2 Guest

    Oh yeah, opportunity cost. Always easy to forget. I think 5% is a reasonable
    estimate for such figures. So the question is will it still be worth quite a
    lot in 15 years?
  10. Desertphile

    Desertphile Guest

    Way cool. I get all of my electricity from 18 photovoltaic panels.
    The monastery has over 300!
  11. you

    you Guest

    Poor Planning, and believing the Sales-Droid hype, in the first place....
    Anyone with any BRAINS, at all, knows that you NEVER run an Inverter,
    over 1Kw from a 12VDC Battery system, and expect it to survive.....
    UNLESS, it is a quality Unit like a SW, or DR, Trace or an OutBack....
  12. Peter Franks

    Peter Franks Guest

  13. Peter Franks

    Peter Franks Guest

    What was the installed cost (/total/ cost, including out of pocket,
    incentives, rebates, etc.)?

    I live in Las Vegas, a *perfect* place to install PV. Last time I
    seriously looked (few years ago), out of pocket installed cost was
    around $30K USD, including rebates. Conclusion: not cost effective.

    I'm in to PV for ONE THING: save $$. I don't care about the technology
    (I find it ugly), and we have local hydro (although only a small
    percentage is used for local power, most goes to CA), so environmental
    impact is at or near zero.
  14. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    Good point. What will be the residual value of 25 year old solar panels?
    Will an item guaranteed for five years by the manufacturer actually last
    that long? I would imagine your guess is as good as mine :)
  15. m II

    m II Guest

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  16. No salesman talked me into this. It was an experiment. I guess you
    think it is stupid to try something and report the results? Smart
    people only spend their time cutting others down, eh?

    The inverter was rated for it. It was not cheap. The
    batteries were special and held up, but they are high maintenance
    golf cart batteries.

    The biggest problem was finding a low power microwave. Time after
    time I found the power consumption numbers stated in literature
    to be wrong. If I could have found a 550 watt microwave like I
    planned, everything would have been fine. My first microwave
    was that size, but they don't seem to make them that small any more.
  17. no spam

    no spam Guest

  18. Might I suggest stopping by your local Goodwill/Salvation Army/etc.
    stores? Microwave ovens are a frequent dropoff.
  19. Giga2

    Giga2 Guest

    5 year guarantee is MASSIVE! After all its pretty much a solid-state
    component with no moving parts AND it is modular. I can't see any particular
    reason they wouldn't last for 50 years (but there may be?). The main thing
    that will undercut residuals is perhaps similar to computer technology. The
    new stuff will be so cheap and a lot better making older models almost
    worthless. However it will already be installed and essentially doing the
    required job so should still have a reasonable value to any new owner of the
  20. Giga2

    Giga2 Guest

    Can you not just get a hose and give them a good rinsing?
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