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The "Family Values" Party

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Robert L Bass, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. A Republican colleague of disgraced ex-Congressman Mark Foley confronted him about his e-mails with teenagers as early as 2000, a US
    newspaper reports. A young congressional worker had shown Jim Kolbe inappropriate messages from Mr. Foley, the Washington Post

    The report comes as a congressional panel investigates claims Republican leaders knew of Mr. Foley's explicit e-mails years ago, but
    took no action.

    The scandal is dominating politics ahead of mid-term elections next month. Correspondents say that if claims the Republican
    leadership knew about Mr. Foley's messages were to be proven, the party's chances of holding on to Congress after the poll would be
    greatly reduced.

    On Saturday the head of the Republican House campaign committee launched a TV commercial in which he apologized for not doing more
    to "catch his [Mr. Foley's] lies".

    Tom Reynolds repeated his claim that he told House Speaker Dennis Hastert about Mr. Foley's behavior in the spring.

    "I trusted that others had investigated. Looking back, more should have been done, and for that, I'm sorry," Mr. Reynolds said.

    Mr. Hastert has apologized over the row, denied any early knowledge of the e-mails and ruled out resigning.

    Corrective action -- Mr. Foley, a member of the House caucus on missing and exploited children, resigned last month following recent
    revelations that he had sent lurid e-mails to young male staff.

    The Washington Post report suggests his communications with pages - high school students appointed to help with administrative work
    in the House - were known to other lawmakers five years earlier than previously acknowledged.

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Kolbe told the newspaper that a former page had shown the Arizona congressman internet messages from Mr.
    Foley, saying they had made him uncomfortable.

    Mr. Kolbe's press secretary, Korenna Cline, told the Post that a Kolbe staff member advised the page last week to discuss the matter
    with the clerk of the House.

    Ms Kline denied the messages were sexually explicit and said "corrective action" was taken, although she did not know whether that
    went beyond Mr. Kolbe's confrontation with Mr. Foley.

    The ethics committee of the House of Representatives has launched an inquiry into who became aware of the allegations and when,
    although it has no jurisdiction over Mr. Foley.

    The youngest recipient of the suggestive e-mails is said to have been 16 years old.
    Mr. Foley - through his lawyer - has denied any sexual contact with minors.
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    don't hurt yourself jumping on the bandwagon
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