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The exception ...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Arfa Daily, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    On many occasions, I have said on here that DVD players rarely suffer from
    dusty lenses, for the reasons I have also stated. This morning, I had a
    Sammy HT-Q20 home cinema rig on the bench that was really struggling to
    play. The fan vent on the back panel was full of dust. When I opened the
    player up, the whole thing was very dusty, and the laser's lens had a very
    distinct dust coating. A good manual clean restored the player to its former
    glory. So there it is. The exception that proves the rule, as they say. Even
    though it's unlikely that in 95% of cases, you're going to find that a dusty
    lens is the cause of DVD player woes, it's always worth the check !

  2. It depends upon where you live. Here it's the other way around. Most of
    the DVD players I have seen with problems can be fixed by cleaning the
    lens. Of the rest, they can often be "fixed" by tweaking the drive
    power to the laser.

    Of course fixed is a relative term, in a few weeks the ones that have
    been tweaked tend to stop working completely. I assume the laser has
    burnt out.

    I decided to fix the problem with failing DVD players that lasted 3 or 4
    months by getting a bigger hammer as it were. My kids tend to leave a
    disk playing and switch to regular TV, sometimes for days.

    I replaced my player with a computer with an IR remote control and
    TV out.

    I use cheap DVD burners in it. After about 6 months of heavy use they
    start to have problems playing disks, so I replace them and put them in
    a desktop computer. So far I'm on my fourth, while I would have been on
    my 8th or 9th cheap DVD player.

    It also has the advantage that it will play just about any video file
    I can find, and will play them from a file server across my network.

  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    That's true, Ron, but often the amount of dust within the laser is small
    compared to the amount on the outside of the lens, and a good external lens
    clean will restore the laser's RF out to almost normal, whereas there is
    hardly ever any external dust on DVD lasers due to the inherent
    'dusting'effect of the high disc speed. The old JVC Optima 150S laser had
    enough clearance at the side of the lens assembly, if pushed carefully to
    one side, to allow a dry cotton bud (Q-Tip) to *just* squeeze down the side,
    allowing the critical-angle mirror to be 'brushed' clean, but that's the
    only laser I know where you could do this, apart from the '6S replacement
    for it ... ;~}

  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    That's interesting. Next time I'm ordering, I'll get a can of air duster,
    and give it a go on a few ...

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