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The EM wave

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Nov 6, 2006.

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    All energy signatures are results of the EM wave ,including
    gravity. The photon is conprised of 4 basic
    particals, 2 electrons and 2 positrons. lined up +-+- like a bar
    magnet, the hertz of the EM wave created is
    dependent upon the spin of the photon. The highest spin the photon can
    handle is that of gamma radiation. after that point the centrifical
    force of the partical over comes the bonds between electrons and
    the positrons ,theyblow appart forming 2 neutrinos. The neutrino
    consists of a electron and a positron,bonded
    togeather to form a perfect sphere.This is why the em wave of the
    neutrino is so slight we can barely detect it. The photon on the
    otherhand is shaped like a jelly bean creating a further separation of
    the positive and negative poles. this is why it's em wave is so
  2. Conservation of angular momentum is the fundamental law of the universe.
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