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The development trend for optical transmission equipment

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Dec 9, 2005.

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    Optical transmission equipment with broadband access and comprehensive
    service access has become the cosset in the most recent trend of
    development. On the one hand, products based on the PDH technique,
    which cost less than nine hundred USD, exhibit supreme inexpensiveness;
    on the other, the optical transmission equipment that develops on the
    basis of SDH technique, more often than not, is required by customers
    to be equipped with Ethernet interface or video frequency interface.
    As a typical PDH equipment, OM8E1PCM, produced by Heng Guang
    Technologies, Co., Ltd in Tianjin, China has integrated eight E1
    channels, one 10/100BASE-T Ethernet channel, one NX64bps, V.35 channel
    and PCM30 with 30 channels. However, the exquisite equipment featured
    by its 2U height and 19- inch width costs only 1000 odd USD. (For more
    information about this equipment, please login .)
    Sometimes, the designer may consider to realize the functions of VDF,
    DDF and ODF on the PCM, so as to provide the most customized and
    convenient product to clients. Such equipment is various and multiform
    in configuration and modality, which includes the European 7R series
    and 19-inch configuration.
    At the same time, SDH equipment with E1 channel, 1000M Ethernet
    interface and multi-channel 100M Ethernet interface has been more and
    more popularized. The broadband interface usually will adopt automatic
    and dynamic distribution manner, such as RPR technique.
    low-priced optical equipment will be developed to include the
    comprehensive service access system. In addition to
    10Base-T,100Base-T,1000Base-T with E1,E2,E3,T1,T2,T3 channels, 10/100
    auto-adaptation Ethernet, G.703 V35 interface, V11/V24 interfaces,
    video frequency, even the SCADA system is about to be able to
    transmitted in one or two optical fibers.
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    Don Bowey Guest


    And your point is......
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