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The auto contact

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], May 2, 2009.

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  1. Guest

    I can't believe no one ever thought of this before.
  2. Big deal i have been using wireless contacts to protect outside stuff
    for years
  3. CH®IS

    CH®IS Guest

    "When Every Second Counts!"


    Really? Then why are you finally setting the alarm off once the car has
    already been broken into, started, and is now rolling out of the driveway?
    There's quite a few seconds in there, somewhere around 90 I believe.

    Either way, does anyone know what this thing is actually doing? Pressure
    switch, photocell blocked by a tire, etc.??? And it appears to be wireless,
    which would be an issue since it "integrates economically with any standard
    home or building security system by functioning as a standard zone."
  4. Guest

    I just saw a flyer in a motorcycle shop yesterday my friend told me
    adi will be droping the specs this week but the part # is gs-autocont.
    and you can put any kind of transmiter in it for any panel. .
  5. Guest

    I just found a link on youtube
  6. JoeRaisin

    JoeRaisin Guest

    I don't know how it shows up on other web browsers, but on firefox the
    site is poorly presented. I would say it looks like it was done by a
    child, but most kids I know have much better skills than that.
  7. Doug

    Doug Guest

    The website is very poor, doesn't really tell you anything about the
    I looked it up online at ADI and they show it as available

    ADI Part Nbr Status Description\Vendor Name


  8. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    3 x's before the decimal point...sheesh.

    **Crash Gordon**
  9. motley me

    motley me Guest

    wrote in
    Interesting concept, though I think that it would really have limited
    practical uses.

    If a customer was that worried about someone stealing something on wheels,
    I would probably suggest something more like the DeWalt mobilelock system.
    It will warn you that it has been moved and track it also.
  10. Guest

  11. Guest

  12. Guest

  13. Guest

  14. mleuck

    mleuck Guest

    Looks fine on my Firefox
  15. mleuck

    mleuck Guest

    An excellent product
  16. JoeRaisin

    JoeRaisin Guest

    Perhaps it is because I keep my text size bigger than normal. Old eyes...

    The text extends out of its designated spaces.
  17. JoeRaisin

    JoeRaisin Guest

    To my mind it is part and parcel of selling. If the person can't be
    bothered to put a little effort in creating his website, how much effort
    was put into vetting the products sold on that site?

    My kid has friends who've dropped out of school who can create a better
    looking web page.

    It is (IMHO) just like a person on another forum I participate on who
    tries to present an argument based on his level of education and
    intellect but his posts are rife with spelling errors and punctuation is
    practically non-existent.

    Takes away from the credibility.

    Remember - you only have one chance to make a first impression.
  18. mleuck

    mleuck Guest

    Oh please, While I don't care much for all flash sites I find it
    fairly simple and informative and if there is a question it seems easy
    enough to click on the Contact button like I did
  19. mleuck

    mleuck Guest

    I emailed and called him today and was sent more information, it's
    both hardwire and wireless. My local ADI had none in stock yet, around
  20. mleuck

    mleuck Guest

    Thats ADI's normal price not ours
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