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thanks & a 12v H20 pump question

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by kerry wise, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. kerry wise

    kerry wise Guest

    First: Thanks to everyone who has responded to my "newbie" questions.
    Considering my still very limited knowledge in this area, I really do
    appreciate the info and help.

    Now, the question. (One of many more to come, I'm sure.) I will be running a
    12VDC water pump to supply water from a water tower. Assuming I will be
    using a battery bank of 6VDC batteries wired to provide 24VDC, is it
    possible to use the 12 volt water pump? If so, how do I go about it?
  2. Windsun

    Windsun Guest

    Get a 24 volt pump.
  3. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Well you could use a 24VDC pump.

    How tall is your tower. It may be that you already have enough water
    pressure to not need to pump at the house.

  4. ptaylor

    ptaylor Guest 'could' just connect the pump across only half your would work,but the imbalance might cause problems with
    charging/discharging...and is probably not the best way to go about it..
    Perhaps switching between the two sets of batts(batts 1,2 then 3,4) each
    pumping cycle,so the batteries are at the same charge level,on average?

    I'd opt for the 24V pump,or if you're stuck with 12V,get a dc-dc
    converter sized for the job (Google for a company named "Vicor",they
    make some large dc-dc modules.) I've got a smaller 75W 48V-12V dc-dc
    from them. (no real use for it,yet.maybe soon.)

    But yeah,if the tower is tall enough,and the pipe is a decent size,I'd
    think gravity would be all you'd need.
    Or are you trying to pump out of the *top* of the tower?
    In that case,I'd think you could still use gravity,once you got some
    siphon action going..Just run the pump long enough to get it started,and
    maybe bypass it all together with a (electric/solenoid) valve once the
    flow got going?..That way the pump wouldn't impede the flow once the
    siphoning action took over.(some pumps may be better/worse than others
    in this respect?)
    I dunno, just thinking out loud..
  5. Nelson Gietz

    Nelson Gietz Guest

    Big snip
    Just an observation... I use a gravity feed water tank. It makes no
    sense to
    pump out of the top of the tank. Pump the water in and out from the bottom,
    just like all those small town water towers. One pipe is all that's needed.
    I use a "jet" pump, running off the inverter. Fifteen minutes pumping
    three (or more) days' water. The downside is that the pressure is not high
    the tank is. You have to make sure your sink fittings have a larger bore
    than the
    "fashionable" quarter-inch piping in many of them.
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