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Thank you for your Help!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Lighting, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Lighting

    Lighting Guest

    Well, I have recently composed a radio using CXA1019S(a product of
    Sony),However, the radio cannot receive the FM signals(It accually
    receives the noise), thought I have examed all the solder points and
    they are all well soldered. Please give me some suggestions on how to
    quickly exam where was wrong. If not, as a amateur, please tell me the
    detailed methods to find the wrong area.(the tools that I only have
    are an oscillograph and a multimeter)
    Thank you for your help!,I am really anxious.
  2. Charles

    Charles Guest

    If you are trying to receive FM signals in the 88-108 MHz range, then be
    aware that the oscillator in your circuit must mix with the incoming signal
    to produce a difference of 10.7 MHz. Thus, you can use a working FM
    receiver to determine if the oscillator is working. For example, if the
    non-working receiver is set to 90 MHz, then the oscillator should be 10.7
    MHz higher in frequency (100.7 MHz) and you can tune to that frequency with
    the working receiver placed close by to determine if that signal is present.
    The working receiver will show some activity such as quieting or a "dead
    carrier" if the signal is present.

    Your oscilloscope might not be capable of displaying the oscillator signal
    or might load the circuit and prevent oscillations.

    Google for "superheterodyne" to get more information.
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