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Textronix A622 Current probe

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by scada, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. scada

    scada Guest

    I had two of these blow up on a recent test. The 100A maximum was
    unexpectedly exceeded.The laminated clamp around houses a hall sensor
    approximately 1/4" square with 4 leads. I can't find any markings on it!
    These probes go for $500 each and I am fairly certain they only need new
    hall sensors. Has anyone worked with this probe? Any idea of what the part
    number might be? TIA.
  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    A622/621 pix and specs;,,60-15081-INTRO_EN,00.html

    User manual;,1096,,00.html?id=5362&pn=07088

    I did not get any response for a service manual.(typical TEK support.)

    There might be a data sheet supplied along with the probe that has a parts
    breakdown,BUT,I would not bet on it.

    (the OLD Tek used to do that.The NEW Tek is not a shadow of what they used
    to be.)

    I also suggest you send them a gripe about "service manuals" that lack
    useful service info.
  3. Jon Elson

    Jon Elson Guest

    You should be able to put the thing in a supercon magnet without
    damaging the
    Hall sensor. Is this an active probe, ie. it has a coil that bucks out
    the magnetic
    field, and strives to keep the flux through the sensor zero at all
    times? If so,
    then an induced current may have fried a simple op-amp that drives the coil.
    If it is passive, then maybe the core got magnetized, and all you need
    to do is
    degauss it.

  4. scada

    scada Guest

    The probe is active, several IC's, etc...The hall sensor mounts into a split
    core of laminations. It has 4 leads connecting to a flex pcb shielded with
    two surrounding tins. It then connects to the main pcb. I found a hall
    sensor in Digikey that is similar in description, only larger. That device
    to my surprise is programmable! The data sheet shows it used in a laminated
    core similar to my probe. Therefore this may also be programmable, probably
    not making the repair worth the while. By the time I purchase the
    programmer, learn the chip, etc... I just would like to know for sure if
    that is what I have, before I call it quits! Thanks for your input.
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