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Texas instruments sop-8 chip identification "B57916"

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Matthieu Benoit, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. I come back about the chip marked "B57916".
    in fact I mistook the chip is not manufactured by general
    semiconductor but by Texas Instruments.
    It is a chip with GND on pin 4 and power supply VDD at pin5
    so it is a Texas instruments chip (this can be verified too
    with google)
    no pin is connected one another
    pin1 is connected to a BAV70 dual diode through a 100K resistor
    on my board the chip is explosed and the BAV70 diode is dead also.
    when you test the circuit pins of a good "B57916" chip you get
    a junction voltage of 0.5V between all pin and the pin4 (GND)
    on the board which is a motor controller manufactured by bosch
    there are three chips like this ; there is a 100nF capacitor between
    two pin 7 and pin8.
    the VDD pin (pin5) is connected to a regulator LM317T through a
    any help appreciated,
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