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Testing Shielded Conductors?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by LanceM, Nov 20, 2003.

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  1. LanceM

    LanceM Guest

    The shielded conductor pin/wire #3, at ignition amplifier 146 (lower
    left), has a some surface corrosion, as it's strands wrap around the
    insulation of wire 653 (from pin #5), at the 146 connecting harness.
    Both the shielded conductor and wire 653 disappear into a wiring harness
    (which I'm willing to cut open)

    Would it be correct that the shielded conductor has no continuity with
    wire 635, and that it just "starts" as "a wrap" on the wire's insulation
    at some point up in the wiring harness?

    i.e., how do I test that the shielded conductor is good?

    Thank you,
  2. Pat Ford

    Pat Ford Guest

    test for a path to pin 3 from the other end of the sheild, also check to
    make sure the sheild isn't shorting to pin5. Is this on a SAAB or Volvo? In
    all likelyhood you need a new amp, they commonly die.
  3. LanceM

    LanceM Guest

    Okay. Will do. So assume the other end of the shield just "starts"
    somewhere on wire 653. I'm leery about just using a continuity ck, but
    perhaps that suffices for shielded conductors

    And I was uncertain what's it's function was wrt plugging into pin #3 of
    the amp
    Did ck and it's not
    Sorry - I should have stated. It's a 91 Saab 900S
    I've tried different amps w/o change, so am digging deeper into the
    wiring (amongst other ignition components and wiring)

    Thank you
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