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Tesla generator sellers -> FAKE!!

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Gagi-9a6aag, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Gagi-9a6aag

    Gagi-9a6aag Guest

    if anyone run on this offer, do not even bother to read, and spread it all
    around how this is a fraud;

    this works only in theory...and main detail those guys dont even mention is;
    ANTENNA!!! ...all they say in their preview is; " connect antenna" (no
    lenght, no dimension, nothing)

    ANTENNA is 99% of entire generator...and they are trying to sell a "shematic
    and tutorial" for generator by focusing on circuit board, which is less
    important matter in this case...

    ANTENNA as inductor needs to be 100 meters long wire just to run a simple
    LED....and to make a 100Watts power source by this generator you need MILES
    and MILES of long wire (or web) that can absorb radio (electromagnetic)
    waves and transduct it into a useful current..

    so, this "secret" revealed project they sell is not worth of spending
    47$...its absolute crap...personally i wouldnt pay even 47 cents

    what they did is they made a device, generator based on principle of
    "crystal detector"...and this is not a secret thing at all...every hobist in
    electronics knows or should know what is crystal detector and how it
  2. Gagi-9a6aag

    Gagi-9a6aag Guest

  3. Mauried

    Mauried Guest

    A pretty good sign that these sorts of articles are fake can be seen
    by what happens when you go to the Website and then leave without
    reading it all.
    You normally get a pop up box with "Are you sure you want to navigate
    away from this page.", and then find that if you try and leave you get
    repeated pop ups telling you not to go.
    Most scams seem to use the same navigation trick with their websites.
  4. fritz

    fritz Guest

    Changing the subject completely.....sorry 'bout that !

    Nikola Tesla was obviously a brilliant man - though more an engineer than a scientist -
    3-phase AC was his triumph - but he also had some strange ideas that have proven
    to be impractical so far- like long-distance RF power transmission.
    The real genius of the 19th century was a Scot called James Clerk Maxwell, whose
    mathematical insight transformed the world.
  5. Mauried

    Mauried Guest

    There are many technologies that work in an engineering sense, but
    dont work from an economic sense.
    Long Distance RF power transmission is one of these.
    The concept works fine , but the amount of energy that gets lost in
    the transmission means that the concept isnt practical except for very
    small amounts of power.
    My electric toothbrush does just this.
    Many technologies are like this , ie on a small scale they work fine,
    but when scaled up are impractical.
  6. Gagi-9a6aag

    Gagi-9a6aag Guest

    well, all i can add in sense of selfpraising is that i am proud to say how
    Nikola Tesla is from place where i live...actually, he lived in small
    village called Smiljani but he was attending school in Karlovac city, same
    school i did graduate as well...however, regarding his work and famousity,
    you would be surprised how here is not much of signs of ikola Tesla...just
    few monumental boards on some buildings like "Nikola Tesla was here...blah
    blah" and some little museum center at his brith place....but all in all;
    shamefull how small interes is for history in general..
    maybe coz he was "bought " by Americans....well, thats just so typical
    story...anything that was worth , Americans did BOUGHT and made it look
    like; "Americans invent...Americans achieved....Americnas
    succeed...Americans created....Americans won..." but if we take some closer
    insight of who are those "Americans" then it is easy to figure out how most
    of those contributors are nothing but "mercenaries" boughted / payed to come
    there and contribute under "American flag" so America can praise herself;
    "we did this...we did that"

    same what is going on in sports...personally i have 2 examples of that kind
    in my own circle of is a tennis player and one is a boatman
    (oarsman) olimpic....Americans saw them and bought them for fair price, now
    they bring medals under American flag....and Americans can proudly say; "we
    are..." well...they are shit...all they did is PAY the medal...they didnt
    create it in their society by selecting their own people, training
    them..they simply bought it...coz those guys, Jarnevic and Somen are still
    nothing but Croats by their blood, no matter of USA citizenship they
    got...and there are sooo many such of examples world wide...just like Nikola
    Tesla was one of...

    well, thats far from subject now, however..back to Nikola Tesla...AC by
    Tesla and Edisons light bulb are two geratest invention ever...inventions
    that did revolutionally changed the world and we are still desperatly using
    it....however...there is a sign showing how Edison's light bulb is slowly
    going down..and till 2020. year it might happen that lightbulbs wil be
    completely replaced with LED technology bulbs...and till 2030. year they
    presume how classic light bulb will be HISTORY....but for AC by Tesla they
    still dont see any kind of alternative, on long run, i think that
    Nikola Tesla is the winner of all scientists ever so far...

    now, some could say how there are many more inventions that did change the
    world...of course...we cant degrade contribution of Bell's telephone,
    Brauns, Einstines, Szilards, Oppenheimers..etc.. contribution about nuclar
    missiles...or some of Croatian inventions like parachute, solid ink pencil,
    propeller, torpedo...or even fashion detail a "neck tie"...but all of these
    are not of crucial importance that made a revolutional change of world...coz
    how many of us did use torpedo?..parachute?...or do we really miss something
    if we dont wear a neck tie....but we all use AC and light bulbs....all way
    around the world...night and day...up and down..left and right...back and
  7. Mik DaDik

    Mik DaDik Guest

    Same around here.... Some bloke called FOO..

  8. Gagi-9a6aag

    Gagi-9a6aag Guest

    well...neither i blame makes go world around....but it is a
    wrong image presented to the world when it comes to winning a
    medals...Americans are not so great as they are presenting themselves, they
    just have enough money to buy that title....good for them as they can :)

    well..i never speak abut somethig i am not sure those i have
    mention were authorized ones by Croats...anyway...sometiems is tricky coz
    for example, a man who invented a propeller for water was Croat who went to
    Italian harbour "institute" ...and was working there privately researching
    new technologies in marine, invention of boat propellers is
    some way divided between Italians and Croats coz inventor was Croat but he
    made that on Italian soil, thankfully, Italians even admited he was Croat
    who was just working there and who got married an Italian woman finally (who
    died from TBC btw and he stopped with most of his projects)

    but i see your point...for example...French are trying to take a credit for
    "invention" of fashion detail "neck tie"....but its well known history how
    it came to France...our mercinary troops, Croats, were under command of
    Baron Trenk whos uniforms were decorated with scarfs around neck hanging
    down, a red the red color is also our national color...(red and
    white chessboard pattern), as Napolen did hire Croatian mercinaries,
    Baron Trenk made an order that every soldier must wear that scarf around
    neck to be recognized as Croatian mercinary....Frenchies did like their
    scarf the way they were wearing it and the way it was knotted aorund neck so
    Baron Trenk presented it to French officers and soon it was well acepted
    fashion detail all over France....and since France was always focused on
    fashion, it was noticed even world wide and spreaded alla round the, most of people think how neck tie actually came from
    France...but OK...let we say how French can take a credit for "helping" us
    to "publish" this fashion detail much easier then we woudl be able to coz
    lets face the truth; who knows for some little nation called; "Croats"....we
    are just one little almost invisible spot on world map :))

    small and invisible contry but we were favorites for gold at football world
    championship 1998.....but we ended just 3rd then...blah :))

    i am nothign special in any way...just ordinary man who lives a daily life
    of majority with no remarkable contributions...but it makes you proud to
    realize how such a small and almost invisible country gives such a
    contribution to world and such successes by those remarkable individuals...

    well...where do i live...geographically i live almost in heart of
    Europe...but politically we are in stone age of Africa :)))))))
    well..just joking....but not far for truth :)
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