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Terminal block

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by eeh, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. eeh

    eeh Guest


    I am going to design an electronic security product. It has a 0.5A
    relay which connects a green 4 pins PCB mount terminal block. The
    terminal block can be of type either normal or vertical or 45 deg.
    However, I feel it urgy when a housing is designed around the product.

    As the screwing position and the wiruing position are in vertical.
    The terminal block must always be placed outside the housing.

    Anyone has similar feeling when using terminal block in his/her design?
    Is there any other devices which can replace the terminal block?

    Is there a type of PCB mounted termianl block which screwes and connect
    wires on the same area so that it can be displayed simply by a
    rectangular cut-out in the hosuing?

  2. Guest

    I dont understand your translation eeh.

  3. Seems clear enuf to me. He wants to have a terminal block accessible
    from outside the case but mounted on the PCB. One way to do this is to
    make a clamshell case with holes for the screwdriver. Not exactly a
    rectangular hole, but it works.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  4. Guest

    Yes. Here is an example from Phoenix Contact of their "EP-FRONT"
    terminal block:

    You can also buy terminal blocks that come in two parts. One part is a
    socket that mounts on the PCB. The other part has a matching plug,
    plus the screws and holes for the wires. You can put the socket at
    the edge of your PCB and put a rectangular cut-out in the housing.
    The plug can plug into the socket through this cut-out. Some of
    these have screws on the plug that connect the plug and socket
    mechanically, so the plug will not come out easily.

    Another advantage is that if the device needs replacing, you can
    simply unplug the wires and plug them into a new device - you don't
    have to disconnect and reconnect each wire.

    Some makers include Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, Molex/Waldom/Beau,
    and On-Shore Technology (OST).

    Here is a picture of a Phoenix Contact "COMBICON" terminal block
    like this:

    Good luck!

    Matt Roberds
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