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[Tempting offer] New product idea

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joey Byeongyeop Lee, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Hello. Friends.

    I'm a electric engineer of Semiconductor and want to share with you about my new idea using a smart device.

    I have a interesting idea for new product and design.
    What do you think of below idea for new product? Appreciate your feedback if you are interest in my idea and design.

    -Offering idea-

    The concept of the device is that it checks one’s health condition daily such as blood pressure, heartbeat frequency and body temperature if we wearit as bracelet or watch. It has only alarm function with LED and sends thedata to private smart phone or tablet PC daily. And then we could monitor and keep on eyes on our health condition daily.

    What do you think of this idea?
    You can see the mockups ans picture at below site

    I need you feedback for crowdsourcing.
  2. Syd Rumpo

    Syd Rumpo Guest

    How does it measure blood pressure?

  3. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest

    check out a company [may not exist any longer] called Vivimetrics.
    Their whole product line addressed EXACTLY the type function you're
    describing. From memory, their product line was to help attending
    physicians to monitor: simple ekg, pulse rate, blood pressure,
    temperature, three degrees of motion [want to see how active the
    patient is], breathing rate, lung volume, and optional oximeter
    measurment. The portable device on the patient communicated wireless
    to a home monitoring station that could then communicate via phone
    line to dump info at physicians' office. Also, if the portable
    monitoring went out of range, it switched to GSM cell towers to keep
    in touch, so 24/7 monitoring/linkage was possible. And of course
    'alarm' conditions coud be set to check if any biomeasurement went out
    of some set range.
  4. John S

    John S Guest

    Every time I go to my Dr's office, they measure my BP with a bracelet
    device which stores the info. It does the same thing as other
    measurement devices (pump air and etc) but it surrounds the wrist rather
    than the upper arm. They walk away and come back later to look at the

    Thought you'd like to know my experience concerning this.
  5. John S

    John S Guest

    Hi, Jeff -

    I would be very interested in seeing your recorded data if it is not too

    How many MB would the file be?

  6. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    With all due respect, please use your imagination.

    I cannot wear a watch because any watchband constricts my blood flow,
    causing my hand to go numb.
    So,it is possible to have a bracelet that (slightly) presses on one
    of the arteries to get pulse (easy part) and with a MEMS pressure gauge,
    BP might be derivable.
  7. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    That is EXACTLY the device i was referring to in my first response.
  8. Would you prefer a pendant necklace?

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  9. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Regarding blood pressure, the latest healthy recommended numbers
    are 120/80. (this week)
    But how was this found? My doc says in a quiet room, setting
    comfortably for at least 5 minutes. So what does measuring you BP at
    all hours in all stages of excitement, fits of rage and running from
    bandits have to do with a healthy BP of 120/80?
    Just curious.
    On my third medicine adjustment/change trying to get a change in my
    I had a record before the doc put me on meds, it made no diffence in
    my ave systolic, 134.8 to 134.3. Doc doubled my meds, then my systolic
    ave increased*. New med, I'll do some graphs soon. (had a few lower
    If this doesn't work, I might try exercise! :-/

    *Don't think I changed my mental/physical situation to account for an
  10. You could probably get an actual health improvement by walking daily for
    30 minutes or so, rather than sit for the same time and analyse the
    results of such a device.
  11. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 1ì¼ ìˆ˜ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤í›„ 10ì‹œ 48분 3ì´ˆ UTC+9, John Larkin ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Hello John. Thanks for your feedback. Piezo sensor or other could be used for measuring. But I should scrutinize more about the engineering part.

    Thanks for your idea
  12. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 1ì¼ ìˆ˜ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤í›„ 10ì‹œ 52분 46ì´ˆ UTC+9, Syd Rumpo ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Hello Syd.

    Thanks for your question. The measuring contents might be modified. It justone of contents related to healthcare. I will narrow down to limit.
  13. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 1ì¼ ìˆ˜ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤í›„ 11ì‹œ 49분 13ì´ˆ UTC+9, Robert Macy ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Hello Robert.

    Thanks for your reply.
    I have to visit that site and need research it.

    What do you think the function you mentioned merge with smart device such as ipad, iphone? measuring value and transfer the data to smart device daily.. And some apps make the graph or valuable form using a transfered data.
  14. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 12ì‹œ 25분 23ì´ˆ UTC+9, Jim Thompson ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Hello I'm not a millionaire.

    I just want to hear feedback or some reaction from you guys about the idea as crowdsourcing. Innovation result always comes from various imagination
  15. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 2ì‹œ 34분 23ì´ˆ UTC+9, John S ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Thanks a lot John.
    I have to research more and get feedback as crowdsourcing.
  16. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 5ì‹œ 25분 9ì´ˆ UTC+9, Robert Baer ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    I got your point.
    Thanks Rebert.
    I will be very helpful in terms of Design concept.
  17. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 5ì‹œ 42분 43ì´ˆ UTC+9, John Larkin ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Thanks for your feedback John
  18. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 6ì‹œ 34분 41ì´ˆ UTC+9, Spehro Pefhany ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Hello Spehro.

    Considering necklace type. but the probelm is the sensor.
    Thanks for your feedback
  19. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 7ì‹œ 22분 5ì´ˆ UTC+9, amdx ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Thanks for your feedback AMDX

    120/80 is the normal standard as you referred.
    I think the device check BP all the time and separate the BP level at excitement condition and quiet condition. I think engineering skill and advancedtechnology is really needed.
  20. 2013ë…„ 5ì›” 2ì¼ ëª©ìš”ì¼ ì˜¤ì „ 2ì‹œ 27분 31ì´ˆ UTC+9, Jeff Liebermann ë‹˜ì˜ ë§:
    Thank so much Jeff.
    Your comment is really helpful for engineering part and knowledge.
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