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Temperature Range of LCD (or other display)

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by MuffinMan, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. MuffinMan

    MuffinMan Guest

    I'm developing a product that will have a very small LCD (or other
    comparable display)... We are planning to do a segmented display.
    (Size 1.5"x1")

    It's required that the LCD work over the temperature range of -40C -
    85C... I have not seen any LCD's that go down to -40C.

    I don't have enough power to use a heater. I have 21mW available for
    my micro, some analog cicuitry, some comm's circuitry, and the LCD.
    So the LCD has to operate on minimal power.

    Is this possible...? What's the lowest temperature anyone has seen a
    display rated to?

  2. Hal Murray

    Hal Murray Guest

    What sort of ambient light conditions will you be working with?

    Will a LCD need a backlight to be visible?
  3. MuffinMan

    MuffinMan Guest

    No backlight

    No reliable ambient light... could be mounted in a closed panel...

  4. Guest

  5. The problem is your power consumption...
    The lowest power LCD's, are the traditional passive designs.
    Unfortunately, these are also amongst the worst for low temperature
    performance. Basically the update slows as the liquid crystal nears
    freezing. The lowest temperature rated LCD's I know, support -40C, but
    required more power than your total available, being TFT designs,or FSTN
    designes based on polysilicon. Other low temperature displays working down
    to your requirements, use other tehnologies (LED, VFD etc.), which all
    need more power...

    Best Wishes
  6. Guest

    On Jun 21, 3:51 pm, "Roger Hamlett"
    TN *does* go down to -40 though. The OP didn't spec a response time...
  7. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Have you thought about an OLED?
    Power consumption compared to TFT&STN?
    It depends on how the panel is used. Under the condition that the
    backlight is fully turned on, STN & TFT will consume around 200 mW, and
    OLED is 20~50 mW, so the latter is much more power-saving.

    However temp specs are much the same as LCD's, around -20 celcius to +70

    Perhaps this will give you the power you need for a heater, if the specs
    are so tight.

    have a look at:


    Don McKenzie

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    Serial OLED uses standard micro-SD memory cards.

    USB Flash Drive interface for existing products.
  8. I would be surprised if you found an LCD that would cope with 85C, the
    physics of liquid crystals having such a large temp range would be very
    OT. Having said that having a heater on the back side of the inside
    glass using a TiO2 film should be do-able. I have a little book called
    "Liquid Crystals: Natures Delicate phase of matter" by Peter J.
    Collings Princeton University press 1990 that will get you better
    informed. However all this stuff has moved along a lot in the last 17
    years. Try contacting some manufacturers.

    regards Andrew
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