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Temperatur measurement

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm doing a project on "measurement of temperature using a Rover"
    AS a part of this we need to measure the temperature of the
    surroundings and transmit this temp. value. For transmiting the
    temperature I decided to use FM transmission and for temp. sensing I
    decided to use LM35.For displaying temperature value at the reciever I
    decided to atm microcontroller(89c51)

    So if any one knows the details regarding this Temperature
    transmission . plz send me the details.

    Components used are:
    lm35 (temperature sensor)
    FM transmitter and reciever(any circuit which is suitable)
    at89c51 (microcontroller)
    lcd( for display of temperature)
  2. Maybe encode the temperature as an audio frequency? LM331 can convert both
    ways, so two of those will do it. You can feed the audio signal directly
    into the processor, too, if the FM receiver keeps the amplitude steady.
    This might be the simplest way to avoid noise errors in your readings.
  3. LVMarc

    LVMarc Guest


    You measure an analog temperature..Convert it to a digital form. send
    that as data ovr wirless link. receiver presnets an 8-bit word
    represeting some format. gain and scale set by application.

    For simple data like "temperature" and the relatvie;y low bandwidth it
    would take to send say eight bits of temperature, every 1 - 10 seconds!
    So O/off or better ASK data keying would be the idealc andiate for
    this application, imho.

    Marco Polo
  4. In what format? You'd have to prepare a complex structure, then repeat it
    over and over again to update the output. What could be simpler than an
    audio frequency to represnt it? If you endoded that frequency with pulse
    width, you'd have two channels of realtime info on a single signal. Unless
    the OP really needs more than that, why use more complexity that needed?
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