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television suddenly not working

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Colin, Jan 20, 2004.

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  1. Colin

    Colin Guest

    Hi all,

    I have had a Beko 28" widescreen for almost 2 years now and have had
    no problems with it until now...
    Went to switch it on this morning and there was nothing. Suspected
    that perhaps the fuse had gone in the plug so replaced that to no
    So before I take the telly to bits I wondered if anyone else has
    experienced this and perhaps point me in the direction to a possible


  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Suggest having a technician give the set a go before taking it to bits, Eh?
    Can't hurt th actually have an idea what caused the fault and what in may
    cost to rectify.
  3. I had the same problem with a light bulb, I suspect it's like that with
    electrical appliances sometimes.
  4. Colin

    Colin Guest

    I had the same problem with a light bulb, I suspect it's like that with
    Sarcasm is alive and well I see. Possible suggestions to the cause of the
    problem is what I am after.


  5. The problem with your question is that you provide very little information
    for other people to assess a probable cause. With the information you
    provided our guess is as good as yours (unless there is a psychic in this

    If you knew anything about TV servicing you would know that in order for
    someone to give you suggestions you would have to at least:
    1. Mention the model;
    2. Give a precise description of the symptoms;
    3. Results of measurements you have performed.

    If you don't know anything about TV servicing, you better leave it to
    qualified technician. Touching the wrong part at the wrong time can be
    lethal (even when the set is turned off).
  6. Colin

    Colin Guest

    Thanks Peter,

    Not sure how much clearer I can be about the problem :- Push in on/off
    button, normally red light goes on to indicate the TV is on standby, but
    now nothing happens. Have changed the fuse in the plug, so my question is
    simply what are other probable causes?
    Are there any fuses inside the set that could cause this to happen? Could
    the power supply unit be faulty.
    I was going to call out a repair man, but thought I would ask in here first
    incase it was something simple to fix.

    Model: Beko 28426 NDS 28" widescreen

    I appreciate the information about touching the wrong part at the wrong time
    being lethal.


  7. john

    john Guest

    Oh ! Magic Ball let me see ..
    Call in a Tech and get an estimate.

    Without looking at the set nobody is going to tell
    you the problem and if they can I guess they must
    have that Crystal Ball.

  8. Do you hear any noises comming from your TV when it is switched on, like
    degausing (boiiink) or a high pitched noise?
    If a fuse blows there is usually a good reason why it blows. Replace the
    fuse with one of the same rating and it will most likely blow again because
    the cause is still there. Replacing the fuse with higher rating is a
    excellent way to start a fire. One of my friends once did that, he just
    kept replacing fuses until he found one that didn't blow. Of course that
    didn't fix the problem, but it did create a lot of smoke and a small fire.
    It also made sure that any further attempts to repair that device would be
    If the set is completely dead (no lights, no noises) the power supply would
    be the first place to look. However one needs to have basic knowledge about
    electronics to be able to track down the problem. Also the power supply is
    one of the more dangerous areas of the TV. Especially when the TV is not
    functioning some parts in the power supply can hold lethal voltages even
    with the set disconnected from mains.
    I don't know any specifics about this model, but maybe someone else here
    does. It may be simple to fix for a repair man, but that doesn't
    necessarilly mean it is simple to fix for a layman. In case you are
    interested in learning more about TV repairs look here: (don't forget to read the safety
    section, I'm not kidding!)
  9. Colin

    Colin Guest


    The question was asked in general terms to see if anyone had experienced
    something similar and if it were at all possible for the layman to repair.
    Thanks to the response from Peter, in particular, I have arranged for a
    repair man to have a look at it tomorrow.


  10. Colin

    Colin Guest

    Nothing at all. Power supply appears dead.
    Thanks again Peter, I appreciate the advice. A repair man is scheduled to
    have a look at the TV tomorrow, so I'll see what he has to say about it.

  11. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    The TV has failed, you'll have to have an experienced tech look at it to
    tell you what's wrong, there's so many possibilities nobody can tell you for
    certain online, and even if they could it's highly doubtful that you could
    fix it yourself anyway unless you have electronics experience, in which case
    you'd have already opened it and taken some measurements around the power
    supply and provided that information. I can tell you the problem is *not*
    the tube as most people are first to assume.
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