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Television - No sound on some channels

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by monroe2020, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. monroe2020

    monroe2020 Guest

    Zenith 27"
    Model SJ2765S
    11 Yrs old
    System 3
    MTS SEq Audio System

    Television just experiencing sound problems. Audio problems vary from
    channel to channel and include: sound from the adjacent channels, no
    sound at all, buzzing, low volume, no problem at all. Some of the
    channels receive sound fine one day and then have a problem the next

    Connected to cable. No VCR. Other TVs work fine when connected.

    Any ideas as to what the problem is or what part may be

  2. Look if the channel that are not working are stereo. If so, the problem may
    be cause by the infernal Sony sound module. That module is use in most if
    not all stereo TV sound decoder. When the channel is stereo, it must be
    decode by that module and when is fail, you will have the effect you
    describe. When channel are mono, the audio signal don't go by that module
    and the TV sound will work normally. Replace the module and you will be back
    in business. The module is easy to locate, it's a small PCB (1" x 2" aprox)
    with SMT parts and condensators on it, it is clearly mark SONY on it. We did
    replace many of those Sony sonnd module, all TV brand use that same module,
    not only Sony.

  3. David

    David Guest

    Get into the audio user menu and set it back to stereo.
    It is probably set to SAP at present.
    That was one of the first tv sets to include the SAP audio program

    Beyond that the set needs properly troublshot and repaired by someone with
    the experience and more importantly the test equipment needed to diagnose
    the failure like that.

  4. monroe2020

    monroe2020 Guest

    Thanks David and Jacques

    Before reading your responses, on a hunch I reset some of the audio
    settings (Mono, stereo, enhanced audio, etc) and that resolved the
    issue. No stereo but that never was significant anyway.

    Looks like both of you were on the right track with your diagnosis.
    Now I have additional information should things become problematic
    again. And maybe others out there will benefit from your experience
    and suggestion.

    Thanks again!
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