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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dala Dahlgren, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Is there any way to automatically find which number your phone is connected

    In other words, is it possible to make an electronic "gadget" which will be
    able to find your phone number if you connect it to your phone-plug?
  2. Luhan

    Luhan Guest

    Short answer, no.

    In most places, there is a special number you call and a voice response
    reads your phone number to you. Another number, or just dialing your
    own number, does a 'ringback' to your phone.

    Any phone phreaks around?

  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    You could call someone who has Caller ID.

  4. Or call your cell phone.
  5. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    Just had to withdraw an approved order for a factory-reconditioned Tek TDS
    7704B digital scope, due to, *ahem*, organizational issues. It may be a
    Windows machine, but it's pretty nice otherwise, and the price was within my
    (now vanished) budget of $50k.

    One thing I notice is that at present the fastest Agilent scopes have better
    specs than the Tek ones--especially about 10 dB lower jitter, 0.5 ps vs 1.5
    ps, wider offset range, lower noise--though they're significantly more
    expensive per gigahertz.

    We were discussing the current apparent goodness of the HP (sorry,
    Flat--excuse me, Agilent) scopes the other day...does anybody have hands-on
    experience with the fastest Agilent scopes?


    Phil Hobbs
  6. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    Surely that /is/ calling someone with Caller ID.

  7. Try the HP 130-C.

    It was the last decent oscilloscope HP ever built.
    Steadily downhill from there.

    Many thanks,

    Don Lancaster voice phone: (928)428-4073
    Synergetics 3860 West First Street Box 809 Thatcher, AZ 85552
    rss: email:

    Please visit my GURU's LAIR web site at
  8. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    I was too modest to point that out.

  9. You could call someone who has Caller ID.

    Of course, but what I was wondering was if it is possible to retreive the
    phone-number automatically, ie. without relying on another person to give
    you this information. In other words, is there any available service built
    into the phone-network which lets you look up your own phone number?

    According to Luhan this is not possible, so I guess that answers my
  10. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    There is. Phone service techs know a whole set of magic numbers that
    you dial to do stuff like this. I bet they're on the web somewhere.

  11. I had a long-winded reply about how I had had a phone installed in a new
    house and the technician left without telling me what the number is, so I
    just called my cellphone to get the number, then called back from the cell
    phone to confirm it, and how it was a free transaction because I didn't
    answer either call, and how I was thinking the whole time that I didn't
    really need the land line any more, but that our guests might, so we went
    ahead and installed it (I'm still not decided whether to discuss the fact
    that the new service is "wired" with fiber optic cable to the transition
    box, so we could have 4 line, cable tv and broadband internet even though we
    only want a single POTS line and we already have a separate cable
    tv/internet service connected, and I certainly wouldn't go into how the
    phone died after about a week (the technician hooked up the power supply
    wrong and the battery eventually gave out)) but it was too hot to type that
    much so I just shortened it down to the essential meat.
  12. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    Re-read the Luhan response. You do not understand it yet.
  13. From some where on the web... Cheers

    Here's some more for ya
    800 444-4444
    It's BACK and working again!
    800 444-0800
    another MCI number back from the dead
    800 964-0176
    Live Talk Club Automated Call Plan System -NEW!
    800 964-0221
    Following numbers are Pat Live #s (it plays 401479 then your ANI) -NEW!
    888 253-8225
    411190 ANI
    800 204-4653
    010809 ANI
    888 253-8226
    411191 ANI
    888 253-8227
    411192 ANI
    888 253-8229
    411193 ANI
    888 253-8239
    411194 ANI
    888 253-8249
    411195 ANI
    888 253-8251
    411196 ANI
    888 253-8253
    411197 ANI
    888 253-8254
    411198 ANI
    888 253-8255
    411199 ANI
    800 235-8378
    009625 ANI
    800 789-4779
    201867 ANI
    800 729-0056
    302234 ANI
    888 776-5733
    409159 ANI
    888 821-4496
    400213 ANI
    800 404-3733
    A VMB
    888 294-7514
    A VMB
    800 314-4258
    800 523-9012
    Moragelink Demoline Faxback and ANAC in one
    800 660-2626
    888 221-0104
    enter any 5 digit code
    800 532-7486
    press 2
    888 324-8686
    I heard you think you're bulletproof
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