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Telephone problem with the lines

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Guest

    I used to be a squatter in New York's East Village. I moved from one
    squat, where I had a phone, to another a couple blocks away and had
    trouble getting the phone company to install a phone in the new squat.
    So I ran a twisted pair through back yards and vacant lots, across a
    pair of diagonally opposed traffic lights at an intersection, along the
    face of a building under renovation, more lots/backyards, etc. It
    worked. I had to repair cuts in the line a few times.
    Eventually the phone company gave me a new line.
    Maybe you should take things into your own hands.
  2. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    That's tempting as well; but, as with the other poster who suggested I back
    into the pole, there's more than a certain amount of danger involved. The
    phone lines cross under a live 240 volt line, to begin with (sure, it's
    insulated, but what of insulation which is constantly being chaffed by it's
    contact with those wires?). Secondly, the cable itself is VERY heavy. You
    may have missed the part in my epic <snipped> above that this is a total of
    four cables swagged over a span of two hundred feet. I could 'maybe'
    disconnect them without damage to them or to myself; but after rerouting
    them, I doubt that I could re-string them without some kind of power


  3. Guest

    No I want to decrease the resistance ACROSS red and green, not in

    This should reduce the voltage.

  4. Guest

    They've tested, and found and fixed the problem 3 times in the past
    month, the last guy they sent hemmed and hawed to my Dad who lives
    downstairs getting him to unplug everything. Idiot should've been at
    the interface instead of trying to scam us for an in-house call.

    Last time it was I who talked to them and they did fix it and
    apologized for the lack of service. This has been happening for over
    five years now, and only when the heavy rains come, I get on the phone
    with repair and I DEMAND they look up the history. It all comes clear.
    To my knowledge they have not done a controlled ring test. They do
    however find the problem other ways.

    With the grounding and sound system, I know it's screwed up because
    when I pick up the phone I get a slight click out of my speakers. The
    fault is probably to ground.

    It has been checked, the problem is not in the house.

  5. Guest

    I remember the days when you could trust big corporations. It has led
    the sheeple to desire to deal with them and the sheeple are getting
    fleeced at every turn.

  6. Guest

    HA ! China could cripple our economy in about ½ an hour. All they have
    to do is divest themselves of the Tbills and other notes. Interesting,
    the American investors have responded by investing in Chinese

    It seems that "Money Avenue" is a one way street.

  7. Guest

    More is coming.

  8. Guest

    Jerry, they are not competent, now what ?

  9. Guest

    If I knew where to go I might consider it.

  10. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    It helps if you quote some of the original message, in order to assist those
    reading to determine just which post to which you're responding.

    If your news reader does not do this by default, then simply highlight the
    text you wish to quote, hit Control C. When you compose your reply, hit
    Control V to paste that text into your message.

  11. Guest

    Keep the vehicle's windows closed and do it. You won't be grounded (pun

    You should be able to manuever out of there somehow. If not just don't
    let your feet hit the ground until you clear the vehicle.

  12. Guest

    Won't work, sometimes I'm right on the phone and I can't hit the button
    fast enough. The only way to call me is if I am already on the phone,
    the call waiting beep does not cause the problem to manifest.

  13. Guest

    I REFUSE to own a cellphone. I had one years ago and have no desire to
    ever see one of those pesky things again. I'd like to shoot everyone I
    see with one. I won't, but I do think it would be fun on the highway.

    Phones are inherently rude, forums like this are better except in an
    emergency. You answer when your damwell ready, and you get to take your
    time. I cringe when the phone rings unless it's a friend or family. My
    home is NOT a business and I'm different at work, of course you WANT
    the phone to ring there.

  14. Guest

    To all, I have posted several individual responses, RSVP and let me
    know if they are displaying in a logical manner. I did not quote, and
    if things get screwed up it'll be a mess.

    If people report that it's screwed up I may have to start quoting to
    keep it all sorted out, but I would like to avoid that.

    Thank you all for your replies.

  15. Bill Janssen

    Bill Janssen Guest

    You need to quote at least some of the message you are responding to.

    You should make a list of trouble reports, add some pictures if you
    think they will
    show misplaced lines etc.

    Then write a letter to the state Public Service Commission (or the
    correct group)
    and write a short letter (one page) and . send a copy to the highest
    management person in the telephone company. Call the PSC for names of
    telephone company personnel.

    In short escalate the reporting to some one than can get results.

    Bill K7NOM
  16. NSM

    NSM Guest

    to do is divest themselves of the Tbills and other notes. Interesting,
    the American investors have responded by investing in Chinese
    If a terrorist group puts some sort of nuke/dirty bomb/bio weapon in a
    container coming from China, even is it isn't used what will the
    repercussions be? Can you say "Massive slowdown in imports"?

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