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telephone calling cards

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    Up until recently we had a long distance calling card that we used from home. We called into a local number then put the pin number in and then dialedthe number. The card was 1/2 cent per minute and except for a few glitchesnow and then the service was not bad. Every few months I'd call their tollfree number and add minutes to the card.The company just folded and I was wondering if anyone knew of another similar carrier that does this? There were also no fees or hidden charges either. We live in New Hampshire but thecompany was based in Massachusetts and had local numbers throughout New England. Thanks, Lenny
  2. gregz

    gregz Guest

    You can usually find cards at convenience store, drug stores, groceries.
    There ARe different companies. You have to look past the cell phone cards
    which outnumber the regular cards.

  3. c4urs11

    c4urs11 Guest

    Did you try night shops and internet shops?
  4. Guest

    Can I use Google voice with dialup?
  5. We bought our current LD calling card at Costco -- Verizon 700 minutes.

  6. Long ago and far away, SKYPE worked with dialup connections. It had a special
    codec that it used, and a better one for faster (ISDN and LAN) connections.

    That was probably at least 10 years ago, I get "your computer is too slow"
    messages with a 1.6gHz ATOM processor all the time, and occasionally
    with a 3.6gHz dual core XEON.

    I also get "you line is too slow" messages with a 50mbit down/ 3mbit up
    aDSL line.

    So although it was technically possible to do it at one time, it's not
    likely now.

    I think though we've missed the whole point of the question, he does not
    want a VoIP solution as much as a callback system and I think Google Voice
    does that. You go to their webpage and schedule a call, and their system
    calls your registered phone line.

    When you answer, it calls the number you requested and connects the two.

    Of course, you need two phone lines, one to dial up with and one to receive
    the call.

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