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Tektronix P6019 AC Current Probe Termination - DIY?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Klaus Vestergaard Kragelund, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. Hi

    I've got at Tektronix P6019 AC Current probe (presumeable 10Hz to 40MHz) at pretty cheap. I do not have the '134 probe amplifier, but I have
    been testing it and it seems to work ok with 50 ohms termination at the
    scope input directly.

    Anyone know of the correct termination or perhaps what compensation is
    needed. It does not give the correct signal below approx. 1kHz

    Or perhaps someone has a manual they are willing to scan and mail?


  2. mike

    mike Guest

    Why would you presume 10 Hz?
    I don't have a catalog old enough to list it, but 10 Hz. seems way too low.

    It's basically an inductor. Measure the inductance. The time constant
    is L/R. So the lower the resistance, the better the low frequency
    response. Run it into a virtual ground like they do in the active
    probes. You still have to do some tweaking on the high frequency end
    where the parasitics take over.
    As I recall, the 6019 had a switched box that sacrificed 5x gain
    to get down to 170 Hz. or thereabouts. The P6021 Box sez
    10mA/mV lf -3dB 120 Hz. 2mA/mV is 450 Hz.


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  3. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    I may be remembering wrong,but ISTR a L-pad used for calibrating the
    current probe separate from the 134 amplifier,it used a 62 ohm seies R with
    a terminating 50 ohm R,to the scope BNC.It would still limit BW,IIRC.
    But that pad may be for the P6021/22 probes,sorry for my poor memory.

    Probably the only ones with manuals for these current probes will be the US
    military or cal labs,and perhaps TEK microfiche.Trying to get the right
    part numbers for the manual will be difficult.You might try calling the DC
    TEK field office,and try to talk to a tech.
  4. James Meyer

    James Meyer Guest

    I'm pretty sure there's one at work. I'll be at home for the rest of
    the week. I'll look for the paperwork when I get back. The manual is quite
    thick with lots of information. I'll start with the schematic of the probe and
    the input amplifier.

    Fell flat of my back on an unexpected bit of "black ice" a week ago and
    have been laid up at home with a broken rib and a sprained arm. Usually I would
    welcome an excuse not to go in to work, but this time I think I over did it.
    Next time someone finds me lying in the parking lot looking up at the sky, I
    hope they just shoot me to put me out of my misery.

  5. James Meyer wrote...
    Hmm, bones not as strong as they used to be? I fear for many of us
    it's time to start with the daily calcium pills.

    - Win

  6. I have an idea how you feel, I fell down a flight of stairs once,
    when i was in my 20s. I didn't see that the landing at the top was wet,
    and I went down, hitting every step, till I was laying in the basement
    for over a half hour before I could move again. Another time i was on a
    roof when a strong gust of wind literally blew me off the roof There was
    a set of tracks going up, and none coming down. I hit the top of the
    ladder and it fell. I landed on my back, on the ladder and ruined it. By
    the grace of God, I stood up and walked away with no pain or damage that
    time. Get well, and be more careful. ;-)
    1 day!

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  7. I presume 10Hz due to the statements I have found on Google about this
    I did a lot of searching on Google and didn't succeed in finding a circuit
    for an active probe. By running it into the virtual ground is that done to
    use a current driven amplifier?


  8. That would simply be great - much better than any gift I'm going to receive
    tonight :)
    Jim, sorry for your accident - hope you have a speedy recovery....


  9. James Meyer

    James Meyer Guest

    I've been taking supplimental calcium for three or four years now.
    Maybe that made the difference between only one fractured rib and a sprained arm
    as contrasted to several broken ribs and a fractured pelvis.

    Any way, I continue to feel better day by day and just as soon as I can
    contort my body enough to slip into my car, I'm heading back to work.

  10. James Meyer

    James Meyer Guest

    Ouch! It was a small patch of ice that got me. We had some freezing
    rain one morning. I waited until the sun came up to get started. Watching the
    news reports let me plan my route into work to avoid the major pile-ups on the
    road. Had absolutely no problems on the trip. My little Subaru with 4WD is
    very sure footed. Parked at work and checked the pavement where I parked for
    ice and found it only wet. Was feeling very good about making it that far with
    no problems. As I started across the parking lot to the back entrance I had to
    pass a spot in the shade of a big bush and the next thing I know, I'm looking
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    I'm sure that I'll pay a lot more attention to *that* spot in the
    future. Only thing is, next time I'll probably be concentrating at watching
    where my feet are going and get run over by a UPS delivery truck coming up on my
    blind side. :cool:

  11. mike

    mike Guest

    The spec for a 6021 with the amplifier is ~12 Hz. That's probably
    where the number came from. That's about the best you can hope
    for with an active probe, virtual ground, current input.
    Can't get there with the passive box.

    Keep your eyes out for a P6042. Goes all the way to DC.

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  12. Ok - will be interesting to see how I can do with a simple setup of an P6019
    and DIY termination
    Yes. I started out looking for a A622 (DC to 100 kHz), but that came up too
    pricey for my wallet on ebay (200$). Perhaps next year..... Anyway measuring
    HF currents means more to me than knowing the absolute DC value :)


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