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Tektronix Logic Analyser 1241 reviews?

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by techie_alison, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Would anyone have any reviews/views on the 1241? I'm considering buying
    one, with the colour shutter / psuedo arrangement concerning me. Just
    wondering what else I could get for my money.

    Have an R&S LAS5 at the moment but with no pods or system disks, so a basic
    LAS with 6 inch signal cables..;


  2. MetalHead

    MetalHead Guest

    I am not sure about the 1241, but I have the Tek DAS9100 series logic
    analyzer that I think was the lab system released about the same time.
    The 9100 is a pretty nice system, not fast by modern standards, but very
    usable. The biggest shortcoming of that system was the capture lengths
    were short. The longest capture configuration that I have is 512 samples.

    In my opinion, the nicest of the older Logic Analyzers were the HP 16500
    series. They were fast, had great capture depth, good triggering and
    lots of options. They are regular ebay items.

    Good Luck,
  3. Thanks for replying. Yes, the HP16500, trouble I'm finding with those is
    that the people selling them haven't a clue what they're worth. Offered a
    guy £250 for one who was open to offers, "Oh I couldn't possibly accept
    that," quoting one of the reconditioning sites selling them for £1000+.
    Most put out at the suggestion, such that the companies involved and him
    will sit on them indefinitely. A new portable Tektronix can be had for

    Alot of this old kit is worth two for a penny, not what the sellers want to
    hear but what quite a few of us 'know'. Anyone want to buy a 14" EGA
    monitor, cost £800 new, yours for £200 kind of mentality going on.

    Trouble is I need something that works, the R&S LAS5 is so powerful don't
    get me wrong but too many unknowns without CP/M disks, pods, documentation
    etc.; One company want £200+ for a
    service manual, EGA monitor anyone?

    Thanks again for replying :)

  4. MetalHead

    MetalHead Guest

    The pods on your R&S may be expensive or tough to find. When I bought
    the first of the DAS 9100's, it came without pods. Pods cost me $500 US
    for the first 4 of them. After a lot of scavenging I got the next 8 for
    about $200 total. Docs cost another $200. It was painful.

    You might have some luck with Ebay.

    Good Luck,
  5. Yes agreed. It seems ok at the moment with short leads which are patched
    straight into the circuit being tested. The R&S kit is silly expensive
    although they discontinued their range of LAS machines some years ago, have
    been in contact with them.

    There is that 1241 for sale which I'm toying over. It's about £120 at the
    moment (about $200).

    You guys in the States seem more realistic about the pricings of these
    things. Actually considering buying in the States and having a 16500A
    shipped over, even with the shipping likely still cheaper.

    Bye for now,

    Aly :)
  6. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    I will soon sell mine on ebay for some 150 euros.
    I dont use it and dont want to invest more on probes...
    I dont have any probe but it's full with cards..
    You will have less shipping if you live in the uk...

  7. tekamn

    tekamn Guest

    Go for the HP16500 or the R&S. clearly outperforms the Tek to my
    experiences I made with it.

    just my 2 cts.

  8. Yes acknowledged. The Tek is now upto £225inc which somewhat I feel has
    gone into silly territory; . Any
    assesments welcome? 4 hours left.

    The R&S I only paid £28 for, seemingly that today's 'engineers' want things
    nice n small which shiny switches on them. To give the (old) LAS5 it's due,
    it's money's worth, and at 40kgs + however I can't carry it or just dump it
    on the workbench. One huge criticism of the Tek 1241 is the amount of power
    it draws, 500VA in specs. The R&S takes in about 180VA.

    Your 2 cts is influencing me Andreas :) Just mesmorised by all those pods
    and rom packs with the 1241 up above.

  9. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for replying. To be honest it's really the probes and expansion
    packs that are influencing me with the 1241, without them these old bits of
    kit can be a bit inoperable especially at high Mhz.

  10. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    one 1241 with probes sold recently on ebay uk for some 500 euros !
    you can get a probe for some $80 on ebay us from time to time...
    as you want !
  11. Yep this one I was looking at here went for £336 + £20 P+P, so £350!!

    I don't think something 20 years old is worth that much when a new TTI can
    be had for £650. The beauty of the R&S which I have (still going on about
    that) is that it appears to take TTL signals reliably without any pods.

    A 100Mhz USB 16 channel LAS goes for £200, and that's with no hassle getting
    the information onto a PC for reproduction.

    Call me shrewd, just believe alot of this older kit is having it's value
    hugely exagerated.
  12. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    they are quite rare with all these accessories and probes.. you can get
    cheaper if you collect every piece of the puzzle.. but it takes more
    I'm looking for the "logicport" : (when I sell my 1241 !)
    I aggree !
  13. Jon Elson

    Jon Elson Guest

    I'd recommend the Tek DAS9200/SE series (SE means speed enhanced - and well
    worth it when you have a 128,000 word memory.) Get the 92A96 acq boards,
    not the 92A90, which is a lot less flexible. There's also the TLA510
    series, which
    is basically the identical hardware in a smaller box. With the 92A96, at 96
    channels/board, you don't usually need the big box.

    The pods on this system are passive, so you could make your own. The
    decent acq
    boards on the 124x and 9100 had active pods, which are great until you
    can't get enough
    of them, at 8/9 channels each. The 92A96 breakout modules support 24
    per cable.

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