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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BILL bs.xxxxxxxxxx.corn, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. Need Scan of Service Manual, the EHT PSU for the Tube, this has been
    given to me but in a Bag of bits..

    So can and one Please scan the Circuit section and the parts layout..


    As this might save me a lot of time..
  2. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    Have you checked ebay? There are lots of people selling CD-roms of
    Tektronix service manuals for under $10. I've bought a few and I've
    been very happy with them.
    Andy Cuffe

    <-- Use this address until 12/31/2005

    <-- Use this address after 12/31/2005
  3. John-Del

    John-Del Guest

    You didn't mention your problems with it, but in 20 something years
    using a 7603, the only problems I've had are the huge electrolytics
    caps in the power supply can. They are typically Mallory's, and they
    fail suddenly. If they are all original, you will likely find several
    completely open, and the rest perfect. Change them all.


  4. The EHT 10KV or what ever has been had a go at, and I have a bag of bits from
  5. tekman

    tekman Guest

    18 kV EHT is delivered by the voltage multiplier. The wire from the
    ferrite transformer to the multoplier can by easily located.

    Unsolder this wire. Does the HV inverter circuit now start up?
    If so, replace multiplier.

    In the 7603 I had to repair, it was amin failutre the dried out
    electrolytics in the LV supply and secound this multiplier.

    So, your chances are high to find the solution to your "bag of bits"


  6. This Scope was found at the local Tip with some work been done on the UHT
    thing, another chap tried to get it working, but failed so I ended up with it,
    with some parts removed, and in a bag, that is why I am after a scan of the
    EHT section of the service manual, to see what is missing and to find out
    were these parts go..
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