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Tektronix 271x spectrum analyser info

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by bob_e1947, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. bob_e1947

    bob_e1947 Guest

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a second-hand 2711 spec an. I want to upgrade a few
    of the features to 2712 specs.

    It already has the counter option - Opt02

    I would like to enable the high stab reference oscillator which was
    standard on all 271x spec ans except the 2711.

    I am looking for an RS-232 PCB too (Opt08) and the extra NVRAM needs to
    be enabled as well.

    The reference oscillator PCB and the microprocessor PCB and firmware
    are the same for the 2711 & 2712, so I figure the options are
    programmed into the unit. As there are provisions for programming the
    EPROMs on the uP board, I am guessing the options are probably
    programmed into EPROM.

    Anyone have any info, I can't find anything in the service manual.

  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    How does one program less stability into a high stability reference
    I think you will find that your 2711 does not have a hi-stability ref
    osc(or it's hi-stab components) in it.
  3. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Hi Bob..
    I know a little about these units.. Here goes.

    1) The 2711 was not offered the 300Hz res BW mode. If you can find the
    PCB assembly (TEK still sells them for $1,200.00 ea!), simply plugging
    in the card and routing two coax cables will, supposedly, enable the hi
    res mode (hi res because the phaselock option is also enabled). This
    will give you a 300Hz res bw, phase lock and thus higher stability.
    The unit will still report that it is a 2711, however.

    2) On the bottom of the power supply board you will find a group of 5
    resistors (10 ohm) . Depending on the revision of the PCB they will be
    denoted as:
    Early pwr pcb rev: R880,R881,R882,R883,R884
    Later pwr pcb rev: R871,R873,R874,R875,R883

    These resistors will enable/disable certain analyzer features. Since
    you claim that you have opt 2 counter, one of these 5 resistors should
    be missing. You will need to play with these to see what features are
    available. In some cases, without additional hardware, the analyzer
    feature may be useless. You will have to see. I will bet, however,
    that you can make the unit report itself as a 2712. But, again,
    without the 300Hz filter board you will not get the standard 2712

    3) One other option, the Video Monitor mode, can be enabled by shorting
    a spot where a 10 ohm resistor would go. Look at the schematic for the
    sweep board and locate R451. This will show a 10 ohm resistor at this
    location. You will find on the PCB that that resistor is absent. If
    you have a 10 ohm resistor, solder it (or a piece of wire) across the
    solder pads and you are in business.

    4) The RS232 board is another TEK acquisition that will be EXPENSIVE.
    If you can find either the RS232 or the GPIB, then the extra NVM will
    come as a bonus. You cannot install both the RS232 and GPIB, no room.

    5) There is no need to change the firmware, it is all there.

    By the way, did you get any control software with your unit? I would
    guess not since you claim you are looking for an RS232 board. Maybe
    you got the GPIB board instead? Tek offered a PC software application
    for controlling the 2711/12 analyzers (Tek # S26UT10). If you received
    this, may I have a copy?

    Well take care and good luck..
  4. bob_e1947

    bob_e1947 Guest

    See above...and additional posts.
  5. bob_e1947

    bob_e1947 Guest

    Thanks for the info Jim, this is the sort of stuff I am after.

    Unfortunately I don't have either Opt03-RS232 or Opt08-GPIB and don' t
    have a copy of the software either.

    BTW, I did find some nifty software the other day for printing from
    most older test equipment which used Epson or HP plotter format.

    Check it out here

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