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Tektronix 2230 schematic

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Paul, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. Paul

    Paul Guest


    I'm looking for schematics of the Tektronix 2230 scope, and specially the
    power supply part.
    Mine is eating fuses at the moment...

  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Use an ESR meter to check the PS electrolytics,and ohm the rectifier
    diodes.Those are high failure items.Check ebay for a service manual.
  3. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    More on this supply;
    FYI,this scope uses a switching pre-regulator to knock rectified line V
    (~170VDC) to ~43 VDC,then runs an inverter to produce the secondary
    voltages and HV.The pre-reg FET may be shorted,sometimes taking out the TL
    594 IC,and the FET Molex connector should be removed and the 3-wire ribbon
    soldered direct to the FET leads.
  4. Check at
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