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Tektronix 2213A Dual Channel 60Mhz Analog Oscilloscope + Two New 100M Hz probes

For Sale: Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted' started by canadien007, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. canadien007


    Jun 5, 2012
    Tektronix 2213A Dual Channel 60Mhz Analog Oscilloscope
    Two New 100M Hz probes, Power Cord

    Want a working, fully function potable scope? This is the one you are looking for! This 2213A from Tektronix has all the features you need, 60Mhz, dual traces, delayed sweep, advanced trigger system, external trig, ......

    The guy that I bough it from did a full functional test in all modes according to Tektronix's service manual and all calibration settings still are well within tolerance. Functionally it works just as it was new! The vertical and horizontal amps are fully calibrated with crystal-based Oscilloscope Calibrator and function generator. The picture shows dual traces with different amplitude, different frequency waveforms on CH1/CH2.

    This scope operates with a sharp, bright trace with plenty of brightness in reserve. All controls/buttons operated normally.

    Photos are of the actual instrument you will receive and show it's overall good operating/physical condition. Var Hold Off knob missing plastic cap(highlighted with RED circle), but works as it should be. Please scroll down to see all the pictures.

    Detailed spec: Manual:

    The 2213A is a 60 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope. The 2213A features an 8 x 10 cm P31 phosphor CRT with 10 kV accelerating potentional giving it excellent intensity. The 2213A is compact, lightweight (< 15 pounds), and portable. Other 2213A features include, X-Y operation, single timebase with delayed sweep, and beam find. The 2213A is an economical oscilloscope that is ideal for general troubleshooting and monitoring applications where easily viewed displays and bandwidth higher than typical economy oscilloscopes is desired.

    Tektronix 2213A Features :
    *60 MHz Bandwidth, Dual Channel.
    *Vertical Sensitivity - 2 mV/div. to 100 V/div.
    *Vertical Modes - Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Add, Alt., Chop, Ch. 2 Invert.
    *Full-Range Calibrated Delayed Time Base with Precision Delay Time Control.
    *Horizontal Sweep Speeds: .5 s/div. to .05 us/div. (With x10 Mag.)
    *Advanced Trigger System (including TV Field triggering)
    *Delayed sweep that features a bright, sharply defined trace on an 80x100 mm CRT
    *Logically designed front panel

    What are includes:
    *Tektronix 2213A 60 MHz Oscilloscope
    *One pair new 1x/10x switchable 100 MHz probes
    *Power Cord

    Asking $275 + shipping OBO.

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