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Tek TAS250 probe compensation problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Robert Obermayer, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    just as i sucessfully fixed one instrument (HP1980B is fixed now, works
    perfectly again) i have trouble with another one...

    So, i have a Tektronix TAS250 analog scope (50Mhz, last series of
    analogs Tek made, U/dic and T/div controlled by rotary encoders, also
    has cursor and readout) and both Tek P6106 and P6122 probes (1:10 and
    both fast enough).
    Compensating them on the 1980B is no problem, gets perfectly flat.Same
    applies to my old Gould 1492 slooow digital.
    On the Tek i cant get a remotely flat line, and even with direct 50ohm
    coax input from a signal gen (looks good on the 1980) i get peaking.

    What could be bad here?
    The more obwious stuff (dirty U/div switches) doesnt apply since it has
    electronic attenuator switching.

    Again, i dont have a manual on that instrument, i got it at a public
    auction for real cheap (from a electronicy company that went bankrupt).
    Also it doesnt seem popular enough for the manuals to appear at the
    "typical" dealers.

    Regards, robert
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