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tek 5304 scope with wide bar trace

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by chris, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. chris

    chris Guest

    oscilloscope: tek 5304
    display unit: D40
    horizontal unit: 5B40
    vertical units: 5A38 (i have two)

    settings on the horiz unit are 0.1 sec/div and auto trig on.
    everything else is off. settings on the vertical units (either unit
    installed in either slot or both installed or both removed) do not
    vary the results.

    i get a vertical bar (instead of a nice dot) that spans from the top
    of the display to the bottom and about 2 divisions wide that travels
    across the display in about 1 second. intensity dial on display unit
    has to be turned way up to see the bar. as i turn the sec/div up bar
    speed slows down, and as sec/div decreases, bar speeds up.

    if i pull the horiz unit (and the vert units), i get the same bar
    about 2 divisions wide and from top of display to bottom, but it
    doesn't move. i get the same result if i install on a vertical unit
    (either unit in either slot).

    i have the manual for the 5403 and the 5B40, but not the D40 nor the
    5A38. the 5441 manual seems to have the schematics for the D41
    display, which appears very similar to the D40. i used these
    schematics and tek's scope troubleshooting guide to "common mode" the
    amp stages on the vertical amp board and saw no changes to the
    display. i have verified the power board's voltages per the 5304

    right before i got the bar, the scope started repeating and phase
    shifting the channel 1 trace that i was measuring. very quickly after
    that i got the bar.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just pointing me
    in the direction of the correct section to troubleshoot. thanks, and
    sorry for the long post.
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