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Tek 475 scope 'tune-up' suggestions wanted....

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by John Hudak, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. John Hudak

    John Hudak Guest

    I recently acquired a Tek 475 in what seems to be fairly good shape for
    its age. It does have some minor problems that I'd like to take care of
    and I am wondering if there is a website/discussion forum that could
    address some of the following (or if somebody would want to respond
    here, that would be great too!):

    1. Noisey controls and switches - I plan on carefully cleaning with
    contact cleaner (isopropel-based, no lubricant), lube shafts where

    2. 2 MHZ wave forms are out of focus when the 100 MHZ and 200 MHZ bands
    are selected, it is sharp in the 20 MHZ BW. - Suggestions?

    3. Some floating of waveform when observing a trace for a period of time
    - e.g. 2-3 mins.

    4. Significant wave form bounce when switching from DC - gnd- back to
    DC....the waveform reappears above or below the DC baseline with a bias
    of approximately 10-20% of the voltage scale - but not on all scales.

    5. Recal the scope.

    I have a service manual. Any tips/pointers/suggestions as well as known
    'weak' spots that I should investigate are welcome.
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