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Tek 475 Manual

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Steven Frankel, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. Anyone know where I can download a manual for this?
  2. Guest

    I don't know about downloading a manual, but I bought one on Ebay (in
    CD form) for something like $15 a while back.

  3. Hi Steven,

    I am the original maker of a CD-ROM sold at eBay which contains the
    Tektronix 475 manual PLUS 235 more. Please, check for details.

    Some people is charging a lot more for just one manual... incredible :-(

    If you want, I can send you a copy.

    Best regards,


    La Canyada - Valencia (SPAIN)

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  4. A E

    A E Guest

    Very very nice. Would you like to add the Tektronix 1S1 sampling plugin manual?
    Scanned and OCR'd by yours truly?
    As long as you can squeeze my name in there somehow, it was a lot of work, it's
    a thick manual!
  5. Hello!
    Thanks!. I have just downloaded it and its quality is awesome. Great

    Please, let me know your name to put it somewhere. If you prefer to
    send me a direct e-mail, address is good in this message.

    Best regards,


    La Canyada - Valencia (SPAIN)

    Vintage Radio:
    Vintage Test Equipment:
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  6. A E

    A E Guest

    Well, right now, the author needs to find a job and apply to university, while
    finishing college-level courses by mail for a college that went bankrupt while
    dealing with the Quebec education bureaucracy, the place in the western world
    with the highest ratio of bureaucrats to citizens. But I've got a few things up
    my sleeves I'm going to put on my site. That diode remark was regarding the 1L20
    spectrum analyzer I have. The thing is very very crude, but it does work, and the
    input mixer is actually very easy to fix if you blow up the diode, you can
    replace it with a 1N5711, but the LO oscillators are terrible, they drift a lot.
    I really don't know that much about tuned-cavity oscillators to fix it. One of my
    projects is replacing the input diode mixer with a modern DBM, which are 2$ at
    the surplus shop.
    And, I have a great idea on how to prototype with SMT devices and large pin count
    devices without getting a PCB done...
    Still have that thing? I religiously keep a 50 ohm terminator on my 1S1 when not
    in use, and I always use at least a 10dB attenuator when viewing signals. The 1S1
    is a quite handy beast to have (and telling people I have a 1GHz bandwidth scope
    from the 1960s is always fun) and it wouldn't do to blow up the input diodes. I
    think there's a way to sneak in PIN diodes to replace the snap diodes in the
    input bridge if they ever go, and you can use 1N5711's to replace some of the
    exotic GaAs diodes in the 1S1.
    545, another great great classic bea(s/u)ty.
    That's it, the 1S1 is magic!
  7. Rich Andrews

    Rich Andrews Guest

    I still have the 545 and a 555. The 555 needs caps and god knows what else.
    The 545 worked the last time I fired it up. I was going to part both out,
    but apart from a fan, I had no takers. The 661 is gone but I just bought a
    475 scope. Ok, so I am a just a little behind the times. :)>) Hey, my 1963-
    1968 era tube preamp is still in daily use and I have yet to take a
    screwdriver to it. I am buying stuff to align my FM tuner from that same era
    as I can't trust anyone to do it right without making a serious dent in my

    The 1L20 is a nice piece. I used one a couple of times, but I felt the 491
    was a better analyzer. I sold a 491 years ago to a equipment retailer who
    sold it to an idiot that insisted on dumping in several watts of RF into the
    input jack with predictable results. It ended in a lawsuit with the idiot
    losing and paying for all the repairs, even the ones that the retailer was
    going to absorb and the lawyers fees.

    Oh well, that was a long time ago and I still think the whole sampling idea
    is neat.

  8. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    What's the proper legal term for "RTFM"?
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