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Tek 465M as/usm Oscilloscope Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by yoda439, Dec 31, 2004.

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  1. yoda439

    yoda439 Guest

    Hello all,I have built a octopus/huntron tester for checking component.The
    problem is after about 15 minutes I loose my x-horz trace.It starts to
    flicker and then turns into dot only.When I wiggle the volts div. knob on
    the upper left of the scope it trys to come back.The vert.trace works
    fine.When the scope is first turned on it works fine until it warms up.I
    want some expert advice before attempting repair thanks.I am self taught
    in this hobby but having a blast.
  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest
    does the vertical channel (V/div switch;Ch.1?) used in X-Y mode work OK in
    normal scope mode? Maybe an intermittent Ch.1 atten switch.
  3. yoda439

    yoda439 Guest

    It does the same thing in normal scope mode after about 15 minutes.Thanks
  4. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest
    Then it's probably an intermittent attenuator.
    Clean with 90% isopropyl alcohol.(not tuner cleaner/lube spray.)
  5. yoda439

    yoda439 Guest

    I will try that thanks.This was my first scope and I really like it and
    have learned alot.I also have the Tek 305 W/DMM built in that I also
    enjoy.I also built the ESR capacitor scope tester with the 5.6R and 2k7
    resistors as it showed in schematic and puts about 10mV across the
    probes.I am running 100KHZ with sine through it as suggested.One person
    suggested using 1K and not 2k7 with square wave instead.I calibrate it
    with 1R,3R and 10R as suggested.I will post when the scope is fixed for
    other readers.What do you think? Thanks
  6. tekman

    tekman Guest

    The ESR tester is nice, but for my everyday work I miss one feature: it
    lacks power (SMPS repair and most often fault find on low impedance
    side - rectifiers, caps, etc.).

    So I upgraded it it with variable frequency: I choose
    400Hz/1kHz/4kHz/10kHz/40kHz/100kHz switchable bec. this was the most
    useful for my application - others may choose different ones. I would
    not recommendto go higehr than 100 kHz due to phase shift effects,
    makes the frontend circuitry for the scope in X/Y mode harder to

    Output Power I've increased to deliver up to 1 A RMS. Tracker/ESR
    tester works now nicely from 20 mOhm to 20 kOhm. This combines ESR and
    Octopus(Huntron tracker) mode for me in one single box.

  7. yoda439

    yoda439 Guest

    Well,I fixed the 465M and it works great.I took the cover off and had to
    pull the metal shield that covers the CRT.I then removed the Volts/Div
    cover and the contacts appeared to be ok.These are very delicate and could
    be damaged very easy.I finally wiggeld the small and this seemed
    to be the fix that steadied out the Horz.trace.It pulled right out and had
    6 very fine pins on it.I cleaned the pins with alcohol and put it back in
    and this did the trick.Thanks for all your help.
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