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tek 465b scope problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Aaron Kentucky, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm relatively new to electronics...
    I've got a tek 465b that has been working fine for about 8 months.
    The other day without any sort of warning the crt failed to come on
    when I started it. It still triggers, but I see nothing even when I
    press the beam find button. I also happen to have another 465b from a
    sour ebay transaction which has no horiz scan.

    Is it beyond the capability of someone like myself to swap the crt
    following some careful instructions? I know there are high voltages

    Is it worth it to have a professional do this or should I just forget
    about the old scope and consider buying something new? I'm starting
    to realize that ebay may not be the best place for scopes...

    Any opinions?

  2. It's probably not a bad CRT but an electronic problem like the HV power

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  3. Jay Levitt

    Jay Levitt Guest

    Do you have the service manual? I think I've seen it on eBay for about
    ten bucks. There is a pretty detailed troubleshooting flowchart for "no
    visible display".
  4. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    (Aaron Kentucky) wrote in
    Did you hear the hiss/crackle of the HV charging the CRT? If not,the HV may
    have failed.

    It still triggers, but I see nothing even when I
    Before you swap CRTs you need to check PS voltages,check for sweep at the
    CRT neck pins,check for any vertical offset,check for Z-axis unblanking
    signals(you need another scope for some of these checks.)
    Swapping the CRT's would require a recalibration of the scope,as CRTs do
    not all have the same exact deflection sensitivities.And the CRT anode
    voltage has a nasty bite.The CRT acts like a storage capacitor(Leyden
    Jar),and had to be discharged before removing it from the scope.

    RJODONNELL01 Guest


    Sorry to hear of your scope trouble ...

    1. I got burned 2 for 2 on Ebay scopes

    2. I have a Tek 465B and the service manual (I fixed them for a used scope
    dealer a few years ago).

    I will gladly assist you (walk you through the major tests, or compare readings
    from my scope, etc,.

    No, the CRT is very simple to swap.

    If you are close to PA/OH I also repair scopes, etc., for a very reasonable

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