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Tek 2465A tube available

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Bob Minchin, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Bob Minchin

    Bob Minchin Guest

    I have a tek 2465A chassis with main board stripped of hybrids and
    socketed parts, front panel missing but most of the power supply and
    tube present.
    No known faults with the tube but no warranty can be given.

    I am in UK so really only sensible to post within the UK or you can
    collect from the Southampton area.

    If anyone wants it then please form an orderly queue in my replyto

    It did not cost me anything so I only want to cover my postage costs and
    maybe a beer voucher or two for my trouble in collecting it on its way
    to the skip (dumpster).


  2. Steven G.

    Steven G. Guest

    So what part of the tube do you have ?
  3. Bob Minchin

    Bob Minchin Guest

    What a stunningly amusing reply!
    Do you find producing this level of comment easy or have you had years
    of training to achieve this skill?
  4. Techie

    Techie Guest

    I have a Tube for a 2455a.
    had to replace it when i dropped the scope and a couple
    of pins were sheered off. the glass did not break, and one
    could use of that conductive glue.
    its a real pretty tube, good glass. worth about $700.00
    thats what i paid for the new one.
  5. Wouldn't the alignment of the innards of the tube likely be damaged by
    whatever impact sheared off the pins?
  6. I have enought trouble visualizing the CRT surviving in one piece given
    the force needed to shear off the pins! :) There are a lot of assumptions

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  7. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    What probably happened is that the CRT slid forward in the shield when it
    was not secured by the bezel hardware,*before* the pin connectors were
    removed.Most likely during removal of the CRT from the scope.

    The CRT deflection -is- electrostatic,so it's low current,but I suspect
    thermal cycling of the CRT would make for a poor connection.
    Plus the extra epoxy would be a capacitive load on the circuit,not good for

    But even if it did work for awhile,it would not be worth $700,IMO.
    That's a large price for such a gamble.
  8. I would imagine there are plenty of 2465 tubes around from scopes where the hybrid died.
  9. While electrostatic means no current at DC, I wouldn't be surprised
    if some significant current was required at 500MHz

  10. Techie

    Techie Guest

    WOW....I wasn't expecting such a debate over my post.
    To answer some questions, the pins were sheered off
    when the scope was dropped, the CRT slid towered the
    rear, there is a shroud that covers the crt, pins hit the shroud
    and were cut off right where the meet the glass.
    There is enough metal there to make contact.
    the wires that lead up to the broken pins are very thin with
    little insulation.
    in fact I did hold the pins in place and it did work,
    but at the time I could not get the right type of silver epoxy.

    All this occurred some time ago.
    But I still have the old CRT, and im sure it could made to work
    if anyone needs it.
    I have since bought a new CRT for the scope and it works fine.
    and B.T.W. just cause its 20 some years old, it still kicks ass.
    I have no need or desire for a "digital" scope. I like to see
    all the signal, and in real time too.
  11. I'll second that. What I'd really like is a hybrid scope - one which
    is capable of displaying the signal on an analog CRT but superimposed
    on that can have digital storage, and the analysis functions that go
    with it.

    But, give me a 485 or 2465 any day and I'll be a happy camper. :)

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  12. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    I don't believe the CRT moved,probably the neck shield moved.The CRT is
    clamped to the front frame by a ring and 4 Tor-X screws,I remember this
    because the screws had to be torqued to a specific in-lb setting to provide
    proper grip on the CRT ceramic bell without cracking the faceplate.
  13. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    The 468 was such an instrument;a 100Mhz analog scope with a 10Mhz digital
    storage section tacked on the rear. Or the 465 with the digital storage
    module (optional)piggyback where a DM44 option used to be.Not very good
    BW,though,good for audio and not much more.
  14. Techie

    Techie Guest

    Probably so Jim.
    It was a while ago, One thing for sure. Something moved
    fast enough to knock them off.

    P.S. i also have an Old 465, i never knew there was a digital option.
    are you sure the 465 had that? This is a good scope, but purely
    an analog design. dosent look like the had any thoughts of digital
    on this old beast. Lots of Push in shitches and rotary dials
    and such.
    My 465 makes my 2465 look like brand new.
  15. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Yes,I had one of them in my "parts box".It used the same housing and PS as
    a DM44. A really limited digital storage,though.
  16. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    Huh, really? I thought I was familiar with 465s, but I never heard of
    this option. I assume you mean the 465B, because I thought the 465
    used the DM42 or 43.

    My 465B service manual doesn't mention this option. When was it
    offered? What was it called/named/numbered?

  17. Techie

    Techie Guest

    I wouldnt get too excited jim.
    Think about how old these scopes are and what the avarage amounts
    of RAM were available at the time. I seriously doubt this gadget
    would hold very many captures.

    Personally if i need a capture of anything, i just take out my digital
    camera and take a screen shot of the scope.
    Works fine for me.
  18. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    No,the 1st 465DM was the DM43,followed by the DM44 with delta time,1/delta
    time.And the digital storage option was not on the 465B,it was only on the
    465.(the 468 was out by that time,I believe)It was rather rare,and not very
    good.It's been a long time so I can't recall the exact designation,it could
    possibly have been a "modified product".But I had a intermittent working
    one in my board box.

    I still have a DM44-"JY" where I cut off the DTime/1/Dt section(burned out
    by a customer who hooked up ribbon cables wrong)from a DM44 PCB and added a
    simple regulated PS,put it in two DM case halves,and made a 'stand-alone
    DMM' for a 3.5 digit bench meter.I liked to innovate on my free time!
    (DCV and ohms only)
  19. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Very true. Low resolution,too,IIRC a 8-bit -slow- ADC.(Burr-Brown)

    One can use a video camera and a VCR or a camcorder for a cheapo
  20. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    I'm really not at all interested in adding this option to my 465B. I
    was just interested in the fact that this option existed even though I
    don't think I've ever seen it in any of the Tek catalogs or manuals
    that I've perused.

    I am simply curious about it.

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