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Tek 2430 failing 7,8, and 9000 tests

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Nick Alexander, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. I have just bought a Tektronics 2430 scope that is failing the 7000, 8000,
    and 9000 series of tests. When I go into the subtests, it is almost
    exclusively only failing on channel 2. If I exit the menu functions,
    channel 1 seems to operate okay, but I get no trace for channel 2. The
    Operations manual seems to say that this condition may be caused by a
    calibration failure, and the scope certainly won't complete a self cal. Is
    this likely to be something that can be corrected by calibration, or does it
    sound like a hardware failure? I know this is a bit of an open question,
    but any help would be appreciated. I opened the scope up and it looks like
    a library shelf of closely packed boards. I read a horror story somewhere
    of someone who inadvertently disconnected the NVRAM battery, and lost all of
    his calibration settings. Is this something that is likely to happen if I
    start pulling boards out?

    Once again; any help would be appreciated.

    Nick Alexander
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