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Tek 2246 scope, need transistor

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by todd, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. todd

    todd Guest

    Hello: Upon removing the case from my 2246 scope, the case snagged on
    the heat sink of one of the transistors in the "VO Gain" section of
    the main PC board (not the processor board), breaking the leads of
    this transistor. The transistor is a round metallic 3-lead transistor
    labelled " Motorola logo, 0846, 8641". It is one of a pair and has a
    slip-on metallic heat sink attached. I have been unable to identify
    or cross-reference this transistor, and would appreciate any help in
    identifying (and hopefully obtaining) another pair of transistors.
    Thank you in advance
    Todd K4RR
  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    All I could find online was the US military PN for that part; 6625-01-275-

    The TEK PN is;151-0846-00
    8641 is the code.(your scope was probably built in 1986-87.)
  3. Guest

    Here is a site advertising TEK spares (including Hard to find). This
    may help you further.


  4. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    wrote in
    I already checked it,no luck.
    I suspect IF you could reach a TEK service person,you could get a cross
    reference for it.They have all that data on the company intranet.I wish I
    could have retained my access to it!

    Best chances of success would be the DC field office.
  5. msg

    msg Guest

    I got this hit for Tek semiconductors:

    Also, I checked a Tek IC reference I had but of course discretes are

    If you cannot locate real spares and if the other transistor of the
    pair is good, determine its characteristics (curve tracer, test bench
    setups, etc.) and shop for equivalents.


  6. Steve Sousa

    Steve Sousa Guest

    -Go to http:\\
    -subscribe the "TekScopes" group (copy and paste the name, there's a
    group whith a similar name)
    -when you can access it a search for Mr. Yanik's ref: 151-0846-00 finds
    several threads.

    some quotes:

    " the Tek cross ref says these are 2N3866A NPN RF power transistors in a
    TO-5/39 can, but this part does not work when installed in the scopes,
    and the manuals say there is trouble with any transistor that does not
    have the base connected to the case."

    " These were a custom Tek mod of the standard part.
    If you don't use the correct part you will have all sorts of problems
    frequency response and oscillations as you move your hand or the cover
    these parts (been there - done that)."

    So it looks like you have to find an original...
    Best Regards

    Steve Sousa
  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Perhaps the broken leads can be repaired on the existing part? How about
    finding a TO-92 case transistor with very close specs and build a shield
    around it connected to the base?
  8. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    did the part that broke off your scope have it's base connected to the
    case? I don't recall that for the 2246.
    2N3866A does not ring any bells for that 151-0846 part number,either.
  9. John E.

    John E. Guest

    -Go to http:\\
    I second Steve S's suggestion. The TekScopes group membership are numerous
    and very helpful. Members include some Tek retirees. Much helpful info
    collected there. I'm sure someone has fixed your particular problem before.

    <*> To change settings online go to:
    (Yahoo! ID required)

    This URL is also the "join" web page.

    Good luck,
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