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Tek 2235 trace problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by James Seamore, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. After a few months in storage, my beloved Tek 2235 scope now only
    shows a quick burst of a trace, or spot of light, on power up and then
    the screen goes blank.

    Without asking for too much detail, is this something worth having a
    look at to fix, and, if so, what is the most likely fault?

    Can I assume the tube is still good?

    Thank you kindly for any advice.

    James S.
  2. It's extremely unlikely that the tube is the problem.
  3. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Is the power supply making any noises,like a "chirp" or clicking?
    Yes,it's worth fixing.

    1st;check power supply voltages and ripple.(especially the 2kv cathode V.)
    Bad electrolytics are a common problem here,ESR climbs.
    Then determine if the trace is off-screen,either vertically or
    horizontally;could have a bad metal film resistor in the vertical amp or
    horizontal amp(or a lead fell off a pin!).You can short the CRT vertical
    pins(blue/brown wires) together to see if the trace reappears,same for the
    horizontal pins.(red/green wires)
    It sounds OK.

    One important thing is to get a service manual for that model,it has
    schematics,parts lists,a NICE circuit description to tell you how it works.
    You may be able to download a copy from the BAMA website.
  4. tekamn

    tekamn Guest

    I definetely agree.
    for the power supply schematic: pwr supplies of Tektronix scopes
    2215/2215A and 2235 are very similar, so one of the BAMA docs should be

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