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Technics SL-PD827 Needs repaired

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Powermac, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Powermac

    Powermac Guest

    My trusty old Technics 5 disc cd changer died the other day while
    playing a CD. The unit powers up, I can open the drawer and flip the
    cds around but the unit will not recognize a cd is in any of the
    trays, and will ofcourse not play it.

    Any idea what is wrong, and can it be repaired?

    I know the unit is old but it matches my Technics RS-TR355 Dual
    casette deck and it has the cable going between them for syncro
    editing a new cd player would not have.
  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    First, check that the laser is not stuck at the far end of its track. This
    is very common on Panasonic traverse units fitted to Technics gear, if they
    have not been used for a while, and were working ok with no signs of poor
    playability or skipping when they were last used. Also check, by physically
    looking, that the laser lens is not very dusty, or 'filmy' - particularly if
    it is a heavy-smoking household, or you have had building work done since it
    last worked. If the problem is dirt / dust, then it needs to be cleaned
    properly with isopropyl alcohol, and a cotton tip, not with a 'cleaning

    Other than this, it's likely to be the laser itself as, generally speaking,
    Technics / Panasonic decoding electronics are fairly reliable.

  3. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    I had a similar problem, on Technics changer unit...wouldn't even spin
    up, much less recognize the disk. After diddling for hours with the
    mechanism, I did a simple lens clean.

    All was subsequently well (until my daughter moved the unit with disks
    in the tray, then powered it up...CD's jammed and broke small parts in
    the mechanism).

  4. Powermac

    Powermac Guest

    I got around to taking the cover off today, the insides look brand new
    (no dust). The laser assembly is free moving once it is out of the
    locked position. I put a cd in with the cover off to see what was
    going on. When the CD gets to the laser assembly it gets picked up,
    but there is no spinning of the cd, just sits there idle forever.
  5. Hi!

    It is still worth trying to clean the lens. You can't always see dirt on the
    lens, and I've had some players that looked to have clean lenses, but would
    not play a CD until I had finished cleaning the lens.

  6. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Agreed. It has to be the first move. Now that you've got the lid off,
    another try is to spin the disc manually with your finger tip, clockwise
    looking from the top. Do this a couple of times as soon as the disc is
    loaded into the play position. It's quite common to get bad spots on
    Panasonic spindle motors, although I have to say that it's more common on
    their DVD players than CD players. Still, I have had bad motors on them more
    often than "seldom", but less often than "frequently" - if that makes sense

  7. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Agreed again. As I said before....

    I just did a DVD player (Toshiba) which would not recognize a disk--any
    disk. It was given up for a lost cause. Once opened; observed 'no
    spin'. A flick of the finger caused the spindle to turn and stop a few
    times and the laser to seek. Within a few seconds, all activity stopped
    and the display again showed a disk error.

    All it took to fix was cleaning the lens. Boom! Just like that,
    perfect functioning. (Note...being away from the shop, I had no
    cleaning supplies beyond a cotton swab...on a whim I moistened with
    clean tap water, which worked a charm.)

    Always, always, ALWAYS clean the lens first!

  8. Powermac

    Powermac Guest

    Cleaned the lens with a Q-tip and pure isopropyl alcohol (from a
    bottle used to clean tape heads) . Put a cdr and a pressed cd in for a
    test. The pressed cd spun up and after a while started playing track
    1, tried switching tracks and it froze up. Could not get it to read
    the disk again, and when it did play the cd spun up and down a few
    times instead of a steady spin. Mostly it grabs a cd and spins up for
    a fraction of a second then dies. I think it did that once the last
    time I messed with it.
  9. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    That's a seek error problem, IMO, instead of a spindle motor issue.
    Quick fix might be to crank the intensity; but only temporary until the
    diode finally dies...not the only possible fault (weak laser), however.

    Since you got partial success by cleaning, I'd try it again. Couldn't

  10. Powermac

    Powermac Guest

    Can you still find laser assemblies (with motor) for these old
    players? If so how expensive are they? Anybody have the tech manual
    for this model?
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